Ibiza wellness

Creating miracles

Helping women embrace their divine feminine through online mentoring, circles and even free programs and challenges is Kelly Morgan’s super power.

She’s been described as the woman who ‘cuts through the woo woo’ when it comes to healing. Whether you’re spiritual, slightly intrigued or simply looking for a shift in your life, Kelly Morgan has the ability to help you cut through the complexities to come home to your true self and live aligned with your life’s purpose – without having to retreat to a cave to do it!

Wellness coach, timeline therapist, NLP practitioner, shamanic healer, sacred womb awakener, human behavioural expert – these are just some of the titles that have been bestowed on Kelly Morgan by those with whom she has trained over the years, but the string of words together on paper don’t do justice to her powerful work. An expert in activating her clients’ divine feminine power, she uses a combination of the many tools and techniques she has studied, experienced and practiced for many years in online circles, private one-to-one sessions and even free programs and challenges – Kelly feels called to share her skills with as many women as possible, in whatever way resonates with you most. In her eyes, the more women living in alignment with their true purpose, the better this world will be.

But what exactly IS the divine feminine? And why would one need their womb awakened? Aren’t wombs just about periods and babies and that’s that? Kelly – a former corporate banker who followed her heart to Ibiza to become a personal trainer and nutritionist, only to experience another extreme life shift after a personal trauma a few years later that led to her current path – hears these questions often. And she gets it. There are always going to be sceptics and doubters, but at the same time, there are literally hundreds of women who feel a strong calling to take part in her programs – whether they are seeking to connect with their divine feminine or it’s just a hunch that Kelly Morgan’s program will lead them to where they want to be. There’s something so calm, reassuring and empowering about her presence. Regardless of where you stand on the scale of scientific to spiritual, Kelly expertly guides you to a deeper understanding of her work, and most importantly, to results that speak for themselves.

If you’re not already clued-up (and that’s ok, not all of us are), your divine feminine is a power that resides deep within you – and it’s not about ‘girl power’, or any kind of radical feminism. You also possess a masculine energy – identifying the difference, and striking the balance between both is key to a happy, grounded and successful life. Your womb is the physical anchor for your feminine power, and your masculine energy should support this, not fight it. Kelly describes the womb as having a special transmutational power – of course, if we look at it simply, it’s the place where an egg turns into a fetus and then transforms into a baby (and isn’t that a kind of miracle in itself?) – but there is also a magic happening in this womb space that you can tune into to harness your creative energy. This pure, primordial energy can be tapped into to birth anything you like – be it your latest business venture, that book you’ve always wanted to write, a new life change or new relationships – the possibilities are endless once you understand how to harness its energy. And Kelly Morgan is there to facilitate tapping into that power, regardless of what stage of life or spiritual journey you may be at.

Kelly’s clients tend to be women who are successful entrepreneurs – often from, but certainly not limited to, the wellness world – who may be feeling a little lost, perhaps missing something in their lives but they can’t put their finger on what; there are also women who feel burnt out from climbing up the corporate ladder seeking wealth and success, and want to continue with their careers but minus the constant masculine hustle and pressure we experience in society today; and there are those who have been through emotional traumas, be it relationship (or lack thereof), emotional, physical or childhood issues. What’s important for Kelly Morgan is that her clients turn up and participate in the work – she is here to hold space, support and lead you through a specially designed series of exercises, activities, journalling, energetic work and activations (among other things), but she is not here to tell you what your life’s purpose is, or find the solution to your issues. The whole aim of her work is to lead you to that truly wonderful point of self-realisation, and then help you activate and apply that potential in real life.

The beauty of Kelly’s work is that much of it is done online, meaning no matter where you are in the world (or what travel restrictions you happen to be under at the time), you can access her programs from the comfort of your own home or safe space. In the past, Kelly she has hosted retreats in Ibiza in the past and plans to host another just as soon as some order has been restored in our universe – with spring 2021 on the cards for the next retreat date. Right now however, she invites women from across the globe to access her online ‘Initiate the Divine Feminine’ programs, which are available as a six-month group mentoring circle (with a maximum of nine participants to ensure a highly personal approach), or as private one-to-one coaching work. Depending on the type of person you are, depending on your needs and depending on your lifestyle, you choose the program that suits you and Kelly Morgan will be there to hold space for you to show up, feel safe, be heard and seen with zero judgement, as you awaken your intuitive wisdom and acitivate the real you hidden beneath layers and masks you’ve put in place over the course of your lifetime.

Private coaching is obviously the most discreet version program – with complete confidentiality that only you and Kelly will be sharing information – and is 100% tailored to suit you. For some people, the assurance of discretion is important, and being given the opportunity to heal deep wounds on a one-to-one basis appeals to them, which Kelly is completely empathetic to. In the circles however, women will not only receive Kelly’s tailored guidance – they also gain instant access to a sisterhood of like-minded women, who come together on a weekly basis and can feel free to shed the masks and hold space for one another – here, it’s OK, to not feel OK. It’s OK to cry. It’s OK not to cry. It’s OK to share your personal stories, whether it’s relating to career, childhood trauma, distorted masculine relationships, sexual abuse – wherever you are on your journey, Kelly Morgan will meet you there, and she stresses, it’s not a competition. All issues are of equal value. She curates the intimate circles carefully to ensure all women are compatible, and stresses that this is not a program for someone who simply wants to turn up and listen. You have to be ready and willing to do the work.

As a very general guide, the six-month circles involve a two-hour weekly meeting, in which Kelly offers some teachings and insights, opens up the space for women to speak freely, and finishes with some energetic work or a meditation, so you will both see and feel a difference mentally and energetically. Outside of the meeting, participants are given extra weekly tasks based on their personal needs – often journal points, reading or meditations – so they can continue working on themselves in the days between sessions. Private coaching too, follows a similar format, however on a solo basis. For Kelly Morgan, the most satisfying element of her work is the moment she sees a client tap into their inner knowing – the magical moment they realise they can see, and even feel, their own future, as they wish it to be, and know how to create it for themselves. “I won’t lead the way, I won’t fix them, I won’t even tell them what their issues are even if I can see them,” Kelly concludes. “Because when they discover it for themselves, that’s the real magic. There was no guru, no expert, no therapist, no clairvoyant robbing you of your power to look within. I just hold the space and encourage you, but it’s all within you – and no one can ever take that away from you.”

Clients who have completed the program find that things come much easier to them, they can live comfortably from their intuition, that they are able to enjoy their successes without being instantly pushed to the next challenge, that they’ve broken the ‘fight or flight’ pattern and can relax into living a good, happy and balanced life – changes that can feel like a miracle. If any of the above strikes a chord with you, and you’re interested in working with Kelly Morgan, she is offering a free four-day challenge commencing on October 12, 2020 (sign up here) to give you a taster of her work without any pressure to commit to a full program (although many challenge participants in the past have become converts!). Each of the four days (the group meets for one hour a day) are designed to introduce you to the concepts of feminine and masculine energy, learning how to strike the balance between them, experiencing success with flow and ease, and basically learning to live an easier, happier life, have more fun and enjoy your successes by doing less, in a different way – the feminine way.