Ibiza weddings

Creative collaboration

Stylised imagery by Jeremy Christopher Photography

Working closely with each wedding couple, photographer Jeremy Christopher combines incredible stylised editorial shots with candid reportage.

When first embarking on his career in photography, Jeremy Christopher recalls his aspirations as wanting his work to be featured on the cover of Vogue. As a London College of Fashion graduate, it was no surprise his interests led towards editorial imagery, however over time and with experience, Jeremy found himself moving away from fashion and beauty based work and into the field of travel and lifestyle photography, before ultimately becoming immersed in the world of weddings. Fast forward to today and Jeremy’s Ibiza wedding photography is indeed Vogue-worthy, with one of his most recent weddings looking as if it had leapt off the pages of the world’s most famous style bible.

Real life British couple Stephanie and Keenan had first encountered Jeremy Christopher Photography through a mutual friend – he’d shot the couple’s wedding and as they were newly engaged, their interest was piqued. “We were blown away after seeing some of Jeremy’s shots,” says Stephanie. “We knew he was the one for our Ibiza wedding.” Self-confessed fashion lovers, the couple had some very specific ideas for their own wedding images, and approached Jeremy with a brief that included highly stylised images featuring hip hop, pop and R&B artists such as Rihanna and Beyonce. “We joked about channelling our inner Vogue,” laughs Stephanie. “What we really wanted was a juxtaposition of editorial and relaxed shots.”

For Jeremy Christopher Photography, the job was an Ibiza wedding dream come true. “Stephanie came to me with a lot of research and references; a lot of staged group shots which she wanted to capture in a really interesting way. She had a strong vision, and it wasn’t what I do normally, but it had an edge to it. I think we totally pulled it off.” Bringing his fashion background to the fore and fusing it with his skill for capturing the pure emotion of a wedding, Jeremy rose to the challenge and set about planning a shot list and agenda that would ensure all the bride and groom’s required imagery was acquired at the right time, in addition to capturing the spontaneous magic moments that happened throughout the day.

“The key was getting to know the venue,” Jeremy says of his picture perfect backdrop, private villa Can Caterina. “I visited a few days before to investigate and understand where the light would be falling at different times. There were a lot of clean lines, white walls with great shadows, a lot of glass for reflections and some beautiful terraces that were great places to shoot. It was modern, and slightly Scandinavian in inspiration but combined with that Ibiza chic style.” For Stephanie, knowing Jeremy Christopher Photography had her photo wish list planned out to the minute and location was a relief. “Jeremy’s site recce filled us with every bit of confidence, knowing he had the same vision as us and that the day would run smoothly,” she says.


The resulting images do indeed look like stills from a pop video or a celebrity magazine cover shoot; one part Quentin Tarantino, one part Mario Testino and the rest, pure Ibiza wedding magic courtesy of Jeremy Christopher Photography. The bride’s form-fitting appliqued dress and Flamenco-inspired slicked back chignon are the perfect stark contrast to her bridesmaids’ striking all-black gowns – each dress is different, adding further to the aesthetic appeal. It’s as if Stephanie is the star; her bridesmaids, the perfectly choreographed back-up dancers – and when Keenan enters the shot, the juxtaposition of male energy in such a dominant female frame takes the photos to the next level.

To those who are not in the immediate circle of the couple, one instantly identifies Stephanie and Keenan as protagonists in a story – the viewer feels a sense of familiarity: ‘Do I know these people from somewhere?’ In this day and age of Instagram and influencers, not to mention society’s eternal fascination with celebrity, Jeremy Christopher Photography puts real life couples in the spotlight. “We feel Jeremy went above and beyond our brief,” says Stephanie. “We love how much he captured the magic. We wanted our wedding to be fun and full of love, surrounded by friends and family, which we feel he has really shown in his images. It is incredible how each photo takes us right back to the journey of our wedding day.”

For Jeremy – who is one of the nicest, most down-to-earth, friendly wedding photographers in Ibiza – the satisfaction of exceeding his clients’ expectations in addition to achieving the desired results on each image has him reflecting on many other possibilities for the future. “When a couple has a clear idea of what they want – whether it’s a fairytale setting, something that looks like the set of a circus, whatever it is in their wildest dreams – we can have a really open discussion about using my experience to turn it into a reality. It’s a group effort; you might need wedding planners or stylists to make it happen, or a venue that lends itself to shooting in your style. Every ingredient is important.”

While Vogue style weddings such as Stephanie and Keenan’s bring out Jeremy’s artistic flair, he’s also quick to point out that he understands editorial style photographs are not for everyone. His portfolio ranges from rustic, laidback affairs to sleek contemporary events – as natural or as stylised as each couple pleases. “What I’ve learnt is that every wedding is incredibly different and unique,” he says. “It’s an emotional journey and it’s my job to adapt to the client’s needs and desires. I can work to a very specific brief and collaborate with the couple on the exact finished images, or we can be more relaxed and candidly capture the moments as the day goes on. I’m always aware it’s your day, and I’m just a little part of it.” A little humble perhaps; Jeremy Christopher Photography ensures your Ibiza wedding memories last forever.