Delano Opening Party: 17/05/09

Did someone say a beach bar was opening in Playa den Bossa today? It certainly is the flavour of the month and today marked the official opening of new kid on the block Delano (which is actually more like the grown up next-door neighbour) of the infamous Bora Bora.

With super-cool (and popular from the word go) oversized sunbeds that need a ladder to climb up and recline, plus plenty of sand space boasting individual beds, rows of tables under a shaded awning and a super slick bar indoors, Miss W and the White-ettes were instantly enamoured of the venue and its all white décor.

However décor aside, Delano possesses something that very few beach bars (or any bars for that matter has) in Ibiza can claim – and that’s the advantage of having a team of some of the island’s favourite faces at the helm (and behind the bar, the decks and in the kitchen) – from corners of the island, meaning its appeal reaches far and wide. In fact, just one visit to Delano felt like a trip to a friend’s villa party but with the benefit of being right on the beach! With the amount of familiar faces (including some of the same crew that were responsible for Bora Bora’s success many years ago – a little older and a little wiser perhaps) on hand for the event, which gave us that instant feeling of being at home

With music coming courtesy of some of the island’s favourite DJs –an impressive stable of residents Justin Field, Colin Peters, Nima Gorji and System of Survival – it was no surprise that the dance music aficionados of the island will be flocking to Delano for the perfect slice of a seaside soundtrack. Forget tacky chillout tunes or slowed-down dance music – these guys really know their stuff, even if at one point Miss W spotted them looking baffled as they tried to unplug (or was it plug in?) their many laptops, hard drives and whatever other technical stuff they were toting in between sets!

With a fab beach menu on offer, Miss W couldn’t help but tuck into ‘the famous’ Delano burger – and yes, I did question how it could possibly be famous since the bar had only been open for a matter of hours! Let me tell you, this burger will be the talk of the beach strip within a week – the finest hand-ground beef shaped into an enormous patty (an appetite is required) with the yummiest saltiest smoked bacon I have ever eaten and delicious melted cheese. With a side of amazing hand-cut fries, I don’t think I will eat again for a week but I have never felt so satisfied. The Delano menu is the perfect selection of beach snacks – at decent beach prices too might I add – and classic cocktails guaranteed to please.

As night fell, the giant sliding glass doors were closed, creating a cosy bar atmosphere inside which still retained the stunning beach view – I can imagine quite easily spending plenty of time perched on the bar stools til the early hours (did I mention the ultra-good looking bar staff?) over the summer – and early mornings checking my emails on the wi-fi before taking a quick swimming break!


THE GOOD: The Delano all-day menu has to be one of the best beach menus Miss W has seen in a long time. Amazing burgers, classic faves like club sandwiches, vegetarian options, all-day breakfast and great prices… exactly what you want on a lazy beach day.

THE BAD: While Delano’s position on the beach is amazing, sadly from about 6pm the sun sneaks behind the apartments directly behind it, meaning the lovely double decker sun beds one by one creep into the shade. Miss W thinks however, that in summer that shade is going to be nothing less than a very-welcome-godsend on a steamy summer afternoon.

THE GOSSIP: Is it true one ultra professional barman denied one very famous daughter-of-a-rockstar her request of a café con leche at the end of the day because he had cleaned and packed up their coffee machine for the day? See, sometimes it’s not always about who you are in Ibiza… or who you know!