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Discreetly decadent dining

Cotton Supper Club offers sumptuous private dining experiences

Sleek Figueretes fine dining destination Cotton Supper Club is only available for private hire – a blank canvas on which your wildest Ibiza dreams can be realised.

For every international, intrepid explorer, Ibiza is a blank canvas. An island where the unimaginable is part of the every day, it’s a place where expecting the unexpected is heartily embraced; it’s where dreams seamlessly merge from imagination to consciousness. In part, that’s due to the island’s impish, bohemian spirit – indulging fantasies has been encouraged here for decades – but it’s also thanks to a magic combination of landscape, opportunity and endless summer sun, which unite to promote a feeling of peerless freedom. When it comes to the fine dining and special celebrations, private dining destination Cotton Supper Club invites you to indulge your wildest Ibiza fantasies – here, there’s a sense that absolutely anything goes.

Situated in the newly regenerated seaside neighbourhood of Figueretes, and part of the esteemed Cotton Lifestyle Group, Cotton Supper Club is an Ibiza fine dining destination with unparalleled views of the Mediterranean Sea. Set back from the charming promenade that tightly hugs the coastline, it’s a sophisticated venue designed with prestigious and discerning clients in mind – particularly those who want to take a step back from the spotlight and revel in the exclusivity of a restaurant that’s available to hire in its entirety. Your own private den for the day or evening, it can be transformed for any occasion or requirement – rub the lamp and the genie will emerge, if you will.

Inside, Cotton Supper Club is all about dark walls, plush, leather-bound chairs and dimly-lit, mood lighting, evoking a relaxed but luxurious ambience, while outside it’s all about those jaw-dropping views, with the Mediterranean sparkling enticingly in the distance and palm trees swaying in the breeze at eye level. With the entire venue available for private hire, both of these spaces are yours to command, and with a minimum number of eight guests (or a minimum spend for less) or a maximum of 70, it’s suitable for accommodating all manner of diverse events.

For those looking for intimate soirées away from prying eyes, Cotton Supper Club delivers. Send invitations to your nearest and dearest and then enjoy the blissful experience of having the entire venue to yourselves – for hours on end, should you choose it. Take lunch on the terrace while the sun’s high in the sky, and then as darkness descends head indoors for a sumptuous dinner that’s been created on request. Then, fully sated, employ the use of a local DJ to play tunes till the sun comes up, all the while making the kind of memories that leave imprints on the mind long after you’ve landed back on home turf.

Similarly, Cotton Supper Club is ideally suited to large-scale private parties and weddings. After a romantic ceremony, bring guests back to the terrace for a delectable selection of cocktails and canapés. Then take a seat at the table for a first class feast to remember, and of course, speeches, which away from prying eyes, can be as clandestine or revealing (don’t tell the best man!) as you like. After dinner, make use of the bar, then dance into your first night of fully fledged marriage alongside a selection of closest friends and family.

It should go without saying that as a member of the Cotton Lifestyle Group family, the culinary offering at Cotton Supper Club is of the highest calibre. Tailored to suit your experience, options include a fresh selection of sushi – think mouth-watering nigiri and sashimi crafted by expert sushi masters and premium rolls featuring ingredients like hot tuna, chicken and foie gras. Otherwise there’s deliciously fragrant Asian fare to sample, or the exotic and colourful flavours of South America to set tastebuds alight. Whatever your culinary leanings, the highly-trained chefs promise to conjure an enchanting menu, just for you and yours.

Another theme that runs throughout all Cotton Lifestyle Group venues is exceptional service, from a selection of hosts who’ve honed their skills at the world’s best hospitality venues. Guaranteeing the utmost privacy and slick, seamless service, clients can rest easy knowing that at Cotton Supper Club, guests are well looked after and all events are treated with the utmost discretion, which means everyone can relax and be fully in the moment within those four walls.

Guests are free to enjoy the surroundings and the company they’ve invited, and when the night is young, that’s a tantalising prospect. Offering a unique combination of perfect location (Figueretes lies just a short walk from Ibiza town), fabulous food, oodles of fine wine, and five-star service, Cotton Supper Club has the potential to fulfil even the wildest Ibiza dreams. And they can be pretty wild! Take advantage of its offer for total privacy and fully indulge in an event that will go down in the history books of your closest allies. After all, that’s what Ibiza’s all about – letting loose and living in the moment.