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Diversity in design

Bloom Studio Ibiza draws on more than 15 years of experience in architecture, design and interiors to create bespoke homes that fuse functionality and style.

At a time when many Ibiza homeowners are looking to transform their existing properties into havens, and while international buyers are seeking second homes in the sun, the creative team at Bloom Studio Ibiza have the knowledge, experience and contacts to bring your dreams to life.

Designing, building, renovating, landscaping, interiors, exteriors, lighting, plumbing, carpentry, styling – oh my! In the early stages of any Ibiza residential project, there’s so much to consider and for a homeowner, it can feel as though the end stage is a lifetime away. Enlisting Bloom Studio Ibiza – a full-service architecture and interior design studio – takes away any stress and uncertainty out of such works, as the team of on-island experts sees projects through from concept to completion with a clear vision and unrivalled creativity – not to mention a meticulous and achievable time frame. At a time when many people are seeking to create a home that truly is their haven, or invest in a second home where they can seek solace from the world when needed, the Bloom Studio Ibiza team are in high demand.

Specialising in high-end residential projects – ranging from new builds to large-scale renovations or restorations – Bloom Studio Ibiza was founded by British-born and qualified architect Kit Maplethorpe in 2016. His experience in Ibiza dates back to 2011, both independently and in collaboration with the island’s biggest names in architecture and project management. Prior to that, Kit worked his architectural magic on luxury homes in the UK after qualifying as an architect in 2007. As the demand for his services and expertise on the island increased (through word of mouth alone), expansion was the next logical step and Kit assembled a dream team of architects and interior designers hailing from technical, creative, artistic and production backgrounds – Bloom Studio Ibiza was in business.

Today, the team is headed up by Kit, who combines his creative prowess with the technical skills of his colleague Sam Benoist Jackson, an experienced architect who specialises in the finer details such technical drawings, designing carpentry packages, mechanical engineering, electric lighting plans among other elements. Rather than using a signature style or typical brand aesthetic, Bloom Studio Ibiza work closely with each client, opting to design unique concepts that align with each project’s location and the owners’ style and needs. Their strength lies in the ability to develop a bespoke home concept, then break it down to the very finest degree – from the way shelves are fitted to how different materials junction with one another, documented through an intricate series of 3D drawings so there are no hidden surprises throughout the process. They take the vision and build it virtually, to ensure it can also be implemented onsite.

While the brand’s heritage is based heavily in architecture, it wasn’t long before Kit realised he needed to extend the Bloom Studio Ibiza services to include interior design and decoration. It’s only natural, after all, that when a new home or renovation is complete that it will also require decoration, and keeping the styling on par with the design of the home ensures a consistent feel, and authentic essence, throughout the house. This is where the style-savvy skills of Ibiza-based interior designer Sarah Elkabas – who boasts a background in international fashion styling – comes in. Alongside her assistant Florence Gillot, who joined the team in recent years, Sarah works tirelessly to source one-of-a-kind pieces that are j-u-s-t right for each project, and often collaborates with designers to develop bespoke furnishings from beds and sofas to alfresco dining suites, chill-out beds and much more.

Together, the Bloom Studio Ibiza team are an incredible asset to any Ibiza project. When architects and interior designers are involved on a project together from day one, the creative and functional possibilities become endless – not to mention much more achievable than if you were to approach the design and decoration of your home as two separate tasks. While Kit and Sam are working behind the scenes to create stylish and functional spaces, Sarah and Florence are getting to know their clients tastes and lifestyles in order to be able to kit out each space with not only the right aesthetics, but also with furniture and décor that works in tandem with the property, and the people who use it. Being able to switch off from the technical side of things, and think in terms of beauty, ambience and functionality, allows them to think outside the box, while staying true to the style of the building – needless to say, there are no cookie cutter interiors in any Bloom Studio Ibiza project.

This ethos runs to the exteriors as well. For Kit and Sam, no two projects are alike, and this diversity in their work is just the way they like it. Slick and contemporary new builds, rustic ancient farmhouses transformed into family homes, urban structures in the heart of the countryside and ultra-luxe finca restorations that breathe new life into an old home – the original style of the house and its location influences the architecture throughout, from the structural layout of the interior spaces to the terraces and gardens. It’s all about balance. The entire team at Bloom Studio Ibiza love the challenge of working with a property refurbishment – finding solutions to their client’s needs within the existing structure, and drawing on their varied experience and vast knowledge to make them a reality.

The flow between the architecture and interiors is evident in every project – absolutely everything – be it the tapware in a bathroom or kitchen, to the art on the walls, the ceramics in the kitchen or even the lighting and soft furnishings – has been chosen to be client-specific. Sarah has a huge database of luxurious brands she can draw on when needed, however much of the furniture used in Bloom Studio Ibiza projects is bespoke. Sarah prefers to design pieces that fit with the house, understanding that each project is completely personal and just as no two houses are alike, nor are the people who live within the spaces. Her well-honed intuition means she suggests pieces of furniture before you even know you need them – a rare skill on an island where instant gratification is often the driving force behind interiors – and if it doesn’t already exist, she has the contacts to have it custom-made to order.

While each of the key team members at Bloom Studio Ibiza are creatively driven, no technical detail is overlooked and the foursome have spent years building up a portfolio of trustworthy contacts, from the very best plumbers, electricians and carpenters on the island, to builders and other tradesmen. There’s no fear of a ‘mañana mañana’ work ethic when embarking on an Ibiza project with Bloom Studio Ibiza – from the initial conceptual drawings, through to tender, project management and then the finishing touches with furniture and décor, the works are seen through personally on a day-to-day basis by the team themselves – right up until the moment the owners fly into Ibiza and are handed the keys to their home. Most projects are completed within a nine month time frame, with various projects in different stages all year round, meaning that for Kit, Sam, Sarah and Florence, every single day is different, keeping them inspired, motivated and passionate about their work.