El Ayoun Opening party: 08/04/09

el ayoun sushi

It feels like only yesterday Miss W was dancing with reckless abandon to the sounds of Luciano at the closing party of El Ayoun… and I swear I have bought nothing new to wear since then. So tonight, a fashion crisis of sorts was my biggest drama – because you KNOW that the El Ayoun opening really raises the fashion stakes for the season. All those uber-chic French glamazons… and then little old me!

Speaking of fashion however (and yes I managed to select something appropriate to wear from my poor tired in-need-of-a-revamp-wardrobe in the end), I’ve got to admit while the dancers at El Ayoun are quite incredible, they did seem a little same-y to me – sporting colourful kimonos, diamond face-masks, furs, fans and lycra catsuits and that was seriously just the guys. The girls wore traditional belly dancing get-ups including amazing costume tops fashioned completely from precious stones, however I couldn’t help but feel as though I’d seen it all before.

Inside Privado, long-term resident DJ Angel Cielo (with a permanent smile on his face) had the room moving and grooving like a full-on nightclub – looks like someone has revamped their record box over the winter! Or perhaps he was inspired by Luciano’s set at the closing? Either way, it was great to hear some new tunes streaming through the speakers merged with some house classics we all know and love. Expect to hear a lot more about Angel at El Ayoun as the months go by.

In preparation for the upcoming season El Ayoun’s Club Sushi menu has been completely revamped and I heard nothing but the most glowing reports about it, while a special set menu showcased the newest additions for 2009 to the restaurant menu – again, only good words reached my ears which means I’ll be booking a table asap to sample it myself. Or two, since I’m thinking French Moroccan cuisine is probably not the best accompaniment to sushi and the two rooms are completely different experiences.

While I couldn’t seem to spot him at El Ayoun tonight, when I do find the future Mr W, I’ll be sure to drop the hint!


THE GOOD: Miss W was fashionably late (yes, again! What can I say? I like to spend time choosing my outfits wisely) and by the time she arrived at El Ayoun it was full to capacity. However… the ever-so-lovely young doorman recognised her as a local from the Dalt Vila neighbourhood (aww bless! Thank you!) and ushered her straight in, right past the ‘don’t-you-know-who-i-ams’ who had been jostling her out of the way.

THE BAD: As with last year’s closing party at El Ayoun, the bars were absolutely impossible to get to. But with plenty of people on the floor clutching drinks, one has to assume they were getting served somewhere? Miss W certainly didn’t want to get locked into a rugby-like scrum with half of the island?

THE GOSSIP: A certain White-ette reported seeing Jade Jagger looking resplendent in a flaming red dress in the restaurant, however Miss W’s sources say Jade is actually on holiday in Goa. Who was this mystery Jagger-clone and was SHE managing to get served at the bar?