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Elevating air travel – Aero

Semi-private jet service Aero makes flying in and out of Ibiza a breeze this summer.

Semi-private jet service Aero makes flying between Ibiza, Mykonos and London a breeze this summer, from private terminal access and on-board perks to a dedicated concierge team that ensure your holidays run smoothly from start to finish.

Words: Abby Lowe

Pictures from around Europe have proven one thing this summer: the desire to travel is back with gusto and more people than ever are embarking on adventures. For many obvious reasons that’s fantastic news but equally it means queues are longer, airports are busier and the process of air travel has become more complicated. That’s why anyone in search of a return to easy, breezy journeys should look to Aero, the semi-private jet service with access to private terminals that offers flyers the opportunity to cruise from one country to the next with ease and style.

The Aero summer schedule features direct round trips to Ibiza from both London and Mykonos (from July) this year, so it’s never been simpler to touch down on the white isle. And in a season that promises to be the most exciting in decades, there’s no doubt that this is where you want to be. From the super clubs making a long-hailed return and an increasingly impressive gastronomic scene to lusted-after beaches and the history seeping from the ancient walls of Ibiza town, the island is unquestionably one of this summer’s most sought-after destinations.

From booking to landing, flying to Ibiza with Aero is a seamless process. Reserve individual seats with both window and aisle access and then settle in a for a trip characterised by attention to detail. Your favourite snacks are provided before take-off, comfortable seats are made from hand-stitched leather, and the spacious cabins are illuminated by an immersive lighting system designed to reflect the different moods of the flight. There’s a Bongiovi Acoustic Labs sound system, too, which plays a summer-inspired soundtrack curated to evoke the holiday spirit.

That sense of Aero meticulousness has been taken even further this summer through a collaboration with renowned skincare expert, Dr Barbara Sturm. In continuing efforts to provide bespoke service, all guests receive a complimentary Serum Discovery Kit on every flight. Assembled especially by Dr Sturm on behalf of Aero, the kits assist in rejuvenating and repairing skin while in-flight, allowing guests to arrive in Ibiza feeling hydrated, refreshed and ready for whatever the ensuing days bring. Essentially, it’s a glow up in a box.

Once on the ground, the dedicated Aero Concierge team are on hand to arrange forward travel and to secure accommodation bookings with exclusive partners. In the case of Ibiza, that means hookups with some of the most talked-about hotels, including Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay on the south-east coast and Six Senses Ibiza, perched on a picturesque clifftop in the island’s rural north, offering a chance to soak up some of Ibiza’s lesser known, raw beauty.

No longer a service that’s reserved for the über-wealthy, Aero ensures premium air travel is affordable and safe for all. Priced similarly to a first-class flight with a commercial airline, its personalised service and smooth delivery from one private terminal to the next make it a no-brainer. It’s like being a member of your own private social club — one that only meets above the clouds.

Accessible to everyone, from couples and solo travellers to pets and modern-day vanguards, Aero reimagines air travel in an exhilarating new light. Sit back, sip on a margarita, admire the view — travel needn’t be a chore. Aero also hosts additional routes beyond Europe, serving destinations including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sun Valley, Aspen and Los Cabos across the pond. So much exploring time has been lost in the past two years, there’s no time like the present to embrace it.