Es Vive opening party: 18/05/08

Miss W knows from experience that a night spent at Es Vive hotel can literally define the word party. So when the night in question is the opening party, well, let’s just say it adds a whole new meaning to the word.

The Smirnoff Experience, a glamorous mini-club hidden deep inside the hotel is where the action took place and Miss W – wearing her new All Saints dress for the occasion – found it difficult to stop flitting from room to room to room to catch up with everyone – which suits her just fine.

In the red corner, we had the island’s club promoters, local DJs and music enthusiasts talking about summer’s recently announced club line-ups. In the black corner, we found the socialites and schmoozers doing what they do best and in the white corner, there was a mish mash of workers and tourists getting chummy in the limited space there was left. In the final corner – if you can call a DJ booth that – Es Vive resident DJs Ben Santiago and Dazzla were enticing the rest of crowd into the ring. Erm, I mean dance floor – the boxing reference was merely because I just love the three plush rooms all decked out in different colours, like a gorgeous Christina Aguilera film clip or something!

By the way, you’ll notice Miss W often compares things to film clips – well, when your life sometimes feels like a 24 hour MTV-meets-Fashion TV marathon, the comparisons are inevitable – and there’s nothing wrong with that!

But back to the Es Vive action – owner Jason Bull, showed no signs of slowing down after the previous week’s Base Bar shenanigans, busting moves on the dance floor and greeting his guests with such enthusiasm you’d never guess he’d seen them all just a week previously! The famous cocktails were flowing and it was definitely crowded enough to be called ‘intimate’ – it looks like the good times at Es Vive are officially back!


THE GOOD: Seeing all the White-ettes – plus our Token White Male – on the dance floor at the same time! Yay to team bonding!

THE BAD: The following day’s headache!

THE GOSSIP: The Smirnoff Experience is soundproof, and as it’s officially part of a hotel, the word on the street is that it is exempt from the 6am closing rule all other clubs on the island have been hit with. Miss W doesn’t want to start any rumours of course, but she will say that the sun was definitely up when she emerged from those infamous turquoise gates…