Ibiza restaurants: Santa Inés at La Gaia

Taking 100-percent inspiration from Ibiza and its many wonderful local ingredients, head chef Óscar Molina of stylish ‘Japeruvian’ restaurant La Gaia at Ibiza Gran Hotel, has lovingly crafted a delectable dessert that is more than a fitting tribute to the island. Almost like art on a plate, the dish – named Santa Inés after the beautiful northern village – is inspired by nature, bringing colours, textures and flavours to life with each bite.

Served on a gold-hued log, almond crumble (hailing from its namesake village) and ‘frozen earth’ (actually a delightfully bitter chocolate guanaja) are spread across the plate, then three unique confectionary creations are the star of the show: a sweet caramel mousse, a silky foam of Iberian herbs and chocolate moulded to imitate the form of the carob tree, as seen all over the island. Topped with bright, edible fennel flowers and refreshing peppermint pearls, it is almost too beautiful to eat. Almost, but not quite…

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