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Six Senses Ibiza is dedicated to conscious living, environmental preservation and emotional hospitality.

The very first resort of its kind in the Balearics to be bestowed with the coveted BREEAM certification, Six Senses Ibiza is dedicated to conscious and sustainable living, environmental preservation and emotional hospitality.

Luxury travel and Ibiza go hand in hand; the white isle has long been a magnet for those seeking high-end experiences in breathtakingly beautiful destinations. As the world evolves however, cosmopolitan travellers are now seeking much deeper, more authentic experiences from their journeys abroad – travels that align with purpose, that offer connection and that create a sense of belonging. The all-new Six Senses Ibiza, nestled into the cliffs overlooking the rustic bay of Cala Xarraca in the island’s north, delivers on all these levels and many more. The future of travel begins here…

The luxurious resort’s July 2021 opening couldn’t coincide with a better time in the island’s history – its magnificent facilities and meaningful offerings have been purposely designed to celebrate freedom, sustainability, wellness, art, music, fashion, cuisine and spirituality in ways that unite international travellers with the local community. Six Senses Ibiza is so much more than a five-star resort – it is a culture, a feeling and a state of mind rolled into one heavenly destination. And most importantly, it’s a place where everyone is welcome.

Six Senses Ibiza is a culture, a feeling and a state of mind rolled into one heavenly seafront destination.

Sustainability is at the heart of the Six Senses company ethos and the Ibiza outpost is a shining example of its visionary approach to development. The vision for Six Senses Ibiza was to capture the authentic experience of the island, an experience of community, spirituality and celebration. From culture and gastronomy to nature, Six Senses Ibiza embraces the island spirit to propose a unique hospitality experience in such a magical destination. The resort is the first sustainable BREEAM certified resort and residential community in the Balearics, a green building rating system that measures a development’s sustainability and environmental performance. BREEAM rated developments are proven to enhance the wellbeing of those who stay and work in them while helping to protect natural resources. .

The far north of Ibiza still evokes memories of the bohemian Ibiza of the 60s and 70s, and the design challenge for Six Senses Ibiza architect and developer Jonathan Leitersdorf was to introduce a sophisticated resort aesthetic without disrupting the natural, light, beauty and rusticity of the area. Using locally sourced materials to minimise the carbon footprint and inspired by the island’s vernacular architecture, the result is a large-scale modern finca-like structure that melds seamlessly into the cliffs and forest, its colours, textures and finishes reflective of the surrounding environment.

Within the resort’s interior, the design and ambience are every bit as evocative and elegant as its exterior and location.

Inside the resort, the design and ambience are every bit as evocative and elegant as its exterior and location. For those discerning holidaymakers checking in to Six Senses Ibiza, there are 116 bedrooms, suites and beachfront caves decked out in earthy, natural hues inspired by the Mediterranean location and all feature either magical sea, mountain or forest views. From Deluxe Bedrooms and Suitesthrough to the expansive Xarraca Two-Bedroom Suite and the show-stopping Cave Royale complete with grand piano, full bar and oversized bed, there’s no finer home-away-from-home in Ibiza. And speaking of making Six Senses Ibiza your home, there are also a small number of architecturally designed, finca-style Village Residencies complete with terraces, gardens and pools available to owners.

Islanders and visitors are invited to book in for indulgent treatments at the decadent yet discreet Six Senses Spa Ibiza. The all-white signature wellness centre is dedicated to healing, relaxation, anti-ageing, rejuvenation, health, yoga and fitness – there’s even a junior spa menu for mini guests. Within the spa, The Rose Bar combines advanced science, spirituality and ancient rituals to help reverse the ageing process and infuse you with vitality using biohacking treatments, while downstairs, an infrared sauna, steam room, double hammam and Caldarium soothe the muscles and the senses. The Experience Den features a 24-hour gymnasium with Technogym equipment, an indoor yoga studio, outdoor boxing ring and even a library with over 600 books on wellness and health. There’s nothing quite like it in Ibiza.

In keeping with the resort’s dedication to wellness, a series of expert-led retreats have been designed to help you wind down, relax and rejuvenate.

In keeping with the Six Senses Ibiza dedication to wellness, a series of expert-led retreats, also known as immersions, have been designed to help you let go of the pressure of daily life and wind down, relax and rejuvenate all in good time, while connecting with inner peace that will serve you well when you’re back in the real world. From playful and profound detoxifying yoga programs and weeklong programs that lay the foundation for creating a healthy body that ages slowly and joyfully, to heart-nurturing yogic and wellness experiences that will connect you to what makes you feel alive, these retreats are designed for one and all, regardless of your level of experience. It’s all about returning to joy, happiness, wellness and health – something we all need a little more of in our lives at this point in time.

Culinary journeys play a major role in your Six Senses Ibiza experience. Celebrity chef Eyal Shani – known as the ‘founding father of new Israeli cuisine’ – has been enlisted by the resort to create a series of multi-sensorial restaurants, cafés and bars in line with the ‘Eat With Six Senses’ guiding principles of seasonal, fresh, local, organic, nutritious, and of course, delicious cuisine. The perfect choice, Shani is known for his passion for vegetables (he’s been dubbed ‘The King of the Tomato’) and is working with the resort from the ground up, literally, as he curates the produce grown at the resort’s own Farm in Santa Gertrudis to ensure a responsibly sourced KM0 policy.

From breakfast and lunch, through to sundowner snacks and delectable dinners, each and every dish at Six Senses Ibiza has been carefully considered.

From breakfast and lunch, through to sundowner snacks and delectable dinners, each and every dish at Six Senses Ibiza has been carefully considered. To the delight of Ibiza foodies, Shani brings his revered HaSalon gastronomic concept to Six Senses Ibiza. HaSalon translates to ‘the living room’, and you can expect much vibrancy and fun in both the cuisine and the atmosphere at HaSalon Ibiza from midday to midnight. Alongside the fresh and seasonal produce – from locally caught seafood and grass-fed meat to veggies from The Farm – is a carefully curated list of biodynamic wines, plus cocktails made using botanicals from the Six Senses garden.

Farmers’ Market at Six Senses Ibiza offers an alternative to in-resort dining that takes in buffet and à la carte dining and fun food market stalls. Think wood-fired pizzas, fresh juice bars, a coffee shop (serving up the famous Dalgona coffee), a fresh bakery, a savoury pincho station and so much more catering to all appetites and dietary requirements – there’s all the more reason to visit Six Senses Ibiza over and over again. And right next door is yet another reason to put the resort on your must-visit list for 2021 – an intimate and ethereal fairy-lit open-air dining space amongst the citrus grove called The Orchard.

A sanctuary for soul searchers and lovers of Ibiza alike, all the wonders of Six Senses Ibiza await this summer…

On the seafront, Live Cave aSix Senses Ibiza sets the scene for forward-thinking musical events and sunset sessions, with emerging artists, hand-picked homegrown talent and established acts alike set to perform throughout the season. Back inside the resort, the walls act as an immersive art exhibition – known as Magnum Gallery at Six Senses Ibiza – that includes over 400 photography prints, curated especially for Six Senses by Elaine Groenestein for Magnum. These striking images reflect the essence and core values of Ibiza, and the exhibit features works by photographers connected to the island such as Cristina de Middle.

Meanwhile, sustainable fashion is celebrated in all its glory at Agora – a cutting-edge new concept that incorporates shopping, entertainment, education and style. Curated by fashion editors Daniela Agnelli and Tiffanie Darke, it’s yet another of the innovative and unique elements of this progressive and immersive resort. A sanctuary for soul searchers, all the wonders of Six Senses Ibiza await…