Ibiza holidays

Exclusivity and elegance in Ibiza’s north

Safragell Ibiza Suites & Spa offers guests complete discretion and peace of mind with a collection of stylish villa-style suites set in the lush San Lorenzo countryside.

Today’s Ibiza travellers are seeking more than just luxury. A hotel that offers seclusion, peace, relaxation and safety is high on the list of must-haves in today’s global climate, and the exclusive Safragell Ibiza Suites & Spa in the countryside of San Lorenzo offers all of the above and more.

Proudly standing on the hills overlooking San Lorenzo, the finca and well of Safragell was the epicentre of the surrounding community for more than a century, providing water and crops for rural farmers and a sense of association for the islanders in this (once) remote part of the Ibiza’s north. Ancient Moorish waterways still wind through the countryside, bringing irrigation across the land while orchards ripe with juicy oranges, tasty figs, carobs and almonds fill the stone-lined terraces as far as the eye can see. And while farmers can now access their own water, and the local community no longer congregate here, the site itself is still an attraction thanks to an exquisite renovation that transformed the property into the exclusive Safragell Ibiza Suites & Spa.

In 2019, courtesy of a dedicated renovation by two brothers from the Guasch family – direct descendants of the original Ibicencos who always owned the farmland – Safragell Ibiza Suites & Spa opened its doors to the public for the first time. Now, as a stunning new Agroturismo, guests can receive the privileged chance to stay on the site of one of the most historic houses in Ibiza, immersed in luxurious exclusivity, not to mention the peace and tranquility of its unique design. In just one season, the relaxing atmosphere, friendly service and restful rooms earned the hotel glowing reviews from many happy guests and for holidaymakers, and in 2020, as the demand for luxury destinations in Ibiza increases, Safragell Ibiza Suites & Spa seems to tick all the right boxes: seclusion, style, peace, relaxation and safety.

The first floor of the main building on the sprawling estate boasts the triple arch windows as seen on the Safragell Ibiza Suites & Spa logo, a recognisable architectural feature typical of Ibicenco homes of its period, now wonderfully transformed into the master suite of the Agroturismo. A king-sized bedroom, en suite bathroom and glorious living area takes up the entire first floor, offering jaw-dropping views across the land and out to sea over Santa Eulalia. It’s easy to imagine how the families of olden times must have soaked up those same vistas hundreds of years ago. Times have changed, but the beauty remains the same.

Around the rest of the property, stables and storerooms have been carefully converted to create a total of 12 suites, Each boasts its own private terrace, garden or outdoor dining area – something many modern travellers are seeking in today’s climate – creating that sense of space and personal luxury that is so important to experience a truly relaxing holiday. Every suite is completely private – not a single one overlooks any of the others – and two even come with their own private plunge pools. Safragell Ibiza Suites & Spa redefinies the luxury hotel experience completely, and offers couples, families and groups of friends a safe and secluded home away from home.

When you can drag yourself away of the stylish comfort of your private suite or villa at Safragell Ibiza Suites & Spa, the lengthy swimming pool is the perfect place to swim some stamina-building lengths or alternatively just bask about in the sun. Built on a rise in front of the hotel’s main terrace, the views from the sun loungers are a sight to behold as the island’s east coast spreads out in the distance, while the relaxing Mediterranean scents of lavender and rosemary drift up from the finca’s meticulously landscaped walkways.

Below the Safragell Ibiza Suites & Spa pool, an intimate and exclusive spa is fully equipped for guests to indulge in and be pampered during their stay. From regular yoga classes to private massages, you can select your holistic treatment and dally at your leisure – the spa is open exclusively to hotel guests so you’ll always find an opening when you need one. Linger in the water therapy pool, or sweat it out in the sauna, release some pressure beneath the cascade showers, chill out under the aroma showers, or quite literally, chill in the ice baths followed by a heated Hamman to treat your whole body and soul. There’s even a gym for when your therapy runs to the more athletic – after all, just because you’re on holiday doesn’t mean you need to let your healthy habits slide.

When it comes to dining, the Safragell Ibiza Suites & Spa restaurant serves a fresh à la carte breakfast every morning, and is open to the public for dinner each evening, excluding Mondays when it’s reserved for hotel guests only. The fertile farmland around the house has been cultivated and regenerated to begin to provide produce for the restaurant menu. Traditional Mediterranean dishes such as Iberian ham with tomato, pesto and cherry sauces, sit alongside modern fusions like seafood ceviche with peppers and coconut milk. Fish and meat, pasta and dessert, all food is sourced and prepared with the same care and attention to detail found throughout the Agroturísmo.

On Saturday evenings, Safragell Ibiza Suites & Spa presents a Chef’s Menu special, featuring some signature seasonal dishes. Live acoustic music on the outdoor terrace adds to the laid-back atmosphere bringing the weekend to the hillside, all within the comfort of the Agroturísmo. In 2020 Saturdays, the restaurant also offers a gastronomical surprise, for residents and visitors alike, bringing the community together again, in an authentic and low-key environment where everybody feels at home.

The relatively intimate size of Safragell Ibiza Suites & Spa makes it a perfect destination for corporate retreats or family gatherings such as weddings and birthdays. With only 12 secluded and independent suites, there is plenty of room for privacy, while all occupying the same space of the hotel together – almost like an extra-large villa, to accommodate your entire group. A conference space for up to 30 people is available for gatherings, meetings or even yoga, while the restaurant can accommodate even more for a special dinner or lunch. Whether you’re looking for a romantic location to holiday with your partner, a place to stay comfortably with friends and family, a new destination for team building initiatives, or a yoga retreat or fitness bootcamp location – everything in life feels more achievable from the top of this legendary hill in San Lorenzo.