Where to pop the question in Ibiza!


Forget getting down on one knee with the ring perched on a cupcake!

For the true romantics among us, a wedding proposal in Ibiza has got to be one of the greatest possible ways to declare your everlasting love, especially on Valentine’s Day. But let’s face it, if marriage is on the cards, she (or he!) is probably going to be sitting at the candlelit dinner table, fingers crossed behind her back, hoping, praying and perhaps even expecting you to pop the big question somewhere between the main course and dessert…

So don’t!

Getting down on one knee with the ring hidden inside a glass of champagne has been done to death, plus no doubt there’ll be another couple right next to you in the restaurant going through the exact same motions on the night, making your own proposal feel a little less unique on the night. Instead, why not pack the rock in your pocket and introduce the element of surprise (and hey, it doesn’t hurt to let her sweat a little in the meantime!)?

Whether you pop the question while sailing on the Mediterranean Sea, strolling through the old town at sunset, during a full moon walk underneath Ibiza’s famous almond blossoms or simply over a picnic on a secluded, sunny beach, by heading to one of our top proposal spots in Ibiza, you’ll definitely increase your chances of a yes just don’t all rush there at once now, y’hear?

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Ibiza's famous almond blossoms come into full bloom in February

Under the famous almond blossoms
Mother Nature really puts on a show in Ibiza in February, as the almond blossoms peppered across the countryside come into full bloom, a wash of beautiful white flowers that is truly breathtaking to behold – even moreso under a full moon. This month, the full moon falls just after V.Day on Friday the 18th, and what better excuse to plan a long weekend away on the white isle? Head to Santa Agnes just before midnight to join the guided group tour… or plan your own, intimate midnight stroll beneath the blossoms… just be sure to pack the ring in a safe place!


Dalt Vila at sundown is one of the island's most spectacular sights

Inside Dalt Vila at sunset
Ibiza is famous for her spectacular seaside sunsets all-year-round, however all-year-round residents know there’s an equally as beautiful place to witness nature’s spectacle… from inside the walls of Dalt Vila, Ibiza’s ancient Medieval walled city, a UNESCO World Heritage Listed Site. As the sun sets over the hills (between 5pm and 6.30pm at this time of year), watch the ancient walls change from sandy to gold, as the sky above goes from blue to pink to purple to lavendar, reflected in the Mediterranean Sea below. Pick your favourite lookout point – there are about six around the fortress walls – and pop the question! She’ll literally float all the way back down into town…

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Try a private, romantic boat charter on the tranquil, calm waters of the Mediterranean

Out on the tranquil Mediterranean Sea
The calm, peaceful and crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean are the picture perfect setting for your big moment and with the amazing winter weather in Ibiza, organising a private boat charter, complete with champagne, catering and music will sweep her off her feet. Travel across to Formentera or simply sail around Ibiza’s coastline until you’ve plucked up the courage… a word of advice however: try to be certain she’s going to say yes – after all, it could get pretty uncomfortable out at sea if she’s squeamish!


Es Vedra's mystical energy has long been an inspiration for romance

On the lookout at Es Vedra
Ibiza’s most famous, natural attraction, the spectacular rock formation of Es Vedra, is renowned for having mystical properties, magical energy and much more – it’s rumoured to be the home of mermaids, sirens and even aliens, depending on who you listen to. No matter what you believe, there’s simply no denying that is a stunning location and the rocky lookout of Sa Pedrera, surrounded by rolling green hills, provides the perfect platform for you to get down on one knee and pull out your own impressive rock!

S´Estanyol, Ibiza Beach

The secluded beaches, bays and coves of Ibiza offer endless proposal possibilities

On a secluded beach
While the rest of the northern hemisphere are huddling up over a fireplace this Valentine’s Day, Ibiza’s residents are donning t-shirts, flip-flops and heading for the beach – yes seriously. With temperatures mid-February as high as 18 degrees (and that’s sizzling under the constant glare of the sun), Ibiza’s beaches are calling you! Pack a picnic – or better yet, enlist a caterer to pack one for you – and head off on a road trip, until you find the picture perfect cove, bay or beach to make your move… But be sure to do it between the hours of midday and 5pm, as the temperature drops suddenly as the sun sets. After all, nobody wants a Blue Valentine!