Film Festival Closing Party at Blue Marlin: 30/05/08

It was probably just as well for Miss W that the IMS closing party wrapped up quite early, because no sooner had she finished the final sip of Ibizkus then it was back into the car – accompanied by the White-ettes of course – to head to Cala Jondal’s Blue Marlin, who were throwing an über-swish invitation only event to mark the end of the week long Ibiza and Formentera International Film Festival.

Of course, Miss W and the White-ettes were on the exclusive guest list and sashayed straight into the venue alongside the famous guests, style-setters and film makers alike, with Miss W even stopping on the red carpet for a picture or two – though she must admit they were more like happy snaps to send home to her mum!

The ultra professionalism of the Blue Marlin team meant canapés were constantly at our fingertips and our glasses were constantly filled – from cleverly crafted cocktails to amazing wines and a delicious sangria-style punch, the bartenders were certainly put to good work tonight! Miss W noticed Blue Marlin owner Yelle holding court at the beachside bar ensuring things ran smoothly, while manager Mattia – looking very sharp in a tailored white blazer – worked the floor to perfection.

While Miss W is no stranger to working a room herself, she had to admit there were a lot of unfamiliar faces in the room. I couldn’t help but wonder – was one of these folks going to spot me in the crowd, pluck me from obscurity and make me a star?

Wishful thinking… though I guess there’s always next year!


THE GOOD: Blue Marlin really know how to put on a party – from exquisite canapés to free flowing delectable punch and strategically placed heaters to stop the inevitable late night chill. Ten out of ten to Yelle and his crew!

THE BAD: We know that the film industry is full of arty types, but white jeans should never be tucked into black biker boots. On a man, no less – you know who you are!

THE GOSSIP: Oscar winner Mira Sorvino was in town to promote her flick Leningrad, but Miss W was disappointed to note she wasn’t in attendance at the party – perhaps she didn’t make the guest list cut?