Island hopping: Formentera

Before you start making plans to island hop to our sister island, we’d like to let you in on a little secret. Formentera is horrible. Awful. We really don’t understand what all the fuss is about…

At least, that’s what we want to most of the world to think. Why? Because Formentera is so pure, so beautiful, so unspoiled and just so perfect in every way, we don’t ever want to see it become overrun with excessive tourism or overtaken by huge corporations. Selfish? Yes. If it were possible, we’d like to keep it our little secret forever.

Due to overwhelming demand from White Ibiza readers, we’ve decided to put our personal issues aside and create a small Formentera guide to help you navigate your way across that 19-kilometre stretch of paradise. After all, just like Ibiza is so much more than a bunch of superclubs, Formentera is so much more than the white sandy beach of Illetes where the jetset moor their yachts while lunching on shore and we believe you’d be doing the island a disservice if you didn’t spend a little more time exploring her spectacular shores.

Our carefully curated selection of places to eat, sleep, shop, dance and chill is just the beginning. There are many more little gems to be discovered amongst the laidback, less populated villages, the beautifully bohemian beaches and cool countryside hangouts. Earning your Formentera stripes is an unforgettable experience that will no doubt have you planning your next trip before you’ve even boarded the boat back to Ibiza.

But remember… it’s got to be our little secret, OK?