Formentera nightlife


Formentera has its own distinct scene when it comes to nightlife. Having seen how big sister Ibiza rolls, Formentera goes its own way although the big boys do pass through, both playing out or enjoying the vibes – distinctly Italian with an international flavour.

Pineta is an intimate club with super cool lounge zones, hands in the air and a clientele of cool cats. Neon mood lighting changes the ambience with the flick of a switch, with large picture windows so you don’t lose sight of the nature. The use of natural island materials furthers this connection and gives the place its own personality.

Photos: Tipic

Tipic has a rich musical history that goes back to its opening in ‘71 with a Pink Floyd gig. It was the place to hang during the 70s and 80s, and now it’s the place for all styles of music to mix and blend, from hip hop to techno (with Cocoon holding a residency on Thursdays throughout peak season) and of course the live beats that Formentera loves so much. If you’re still going at 5am, Motel Ses Roques is the place to be.