Friday 08 August, 2014: Samasound Ibiza Fundraising Event at La Galeria Elefante

Garden Inauguration & Samasound Ibiza Fundraising Event

To celebrate the arrival of August, and the opening of their beautiful new garden, the lovely team at La Galeria Elefante are hosting a little soiree to keep spirits high in this hot and steamy time of year! As a very special treat, Jody from Samasound Ibiza will be performing live in the garden and delighting guestswith her musical skills and magical voice. La Galeria Elefante are more than happy to be in a position to raise funds for this wonderful charity and invite you to help them do so too.

Also joining the event is Sandra from the Ibiza Preservation Fund to give an update on the oil drilling around Ibiza and Formentera and to raise awareness on what we can do.
The evening will be catered for by Ibiza Delivers, who now also offer a wide range of mouth-watering frozen gourmet meals to go with an unbeatable wine selection.

Everyone is welcome to pop in for a glass of wine, a boogie in the back garden, a chance to see some of the stunning new pieces in the shop and, of course, a long overdue catch up with the lovely Elefante team!

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More on Samasound: Samasound is a beautiful charity organisation that brings with it hope, smiles and a sense of togetherness to those who need it most. Inspired by the energy, strength and love of the late Sandra d’Auriol, it was founded in 2007 by Bettina Maureen. Maureen has since taken Samasound international and Jody is lovingly running it here in Ibiza. Jody is a trained, qualified, certified sound practitioner and has been working with sound as a healing tool since 2008.

Weekly visits to the hospital allow Jody to offer sound and music sessions to the patients and residents at Cas Serres in Ibiza town, sometimes to a group of up to 35 people. Sessions include breathing and respiration exercises as a warm up before moving on to vocal exercises. All exercises are adapted to the varying levels of dementia or Alzheimer’s each patient may be suffering from so that everyone is involved. Songs and activities help to stimulate memory, using repetition from week to week. The sessions bring enjoyment to the residents and are eagerly awaited.

Donations and sponsorship enable the Samasound team to visit the hospital weekly as well as provide the instruments used and also help with resources for further study and education such as books or sound related courses, so that the team can broaden and strengthen their work.