Ibiza bars: Must drink – Ibiza’s best bars

There is no doubt Ibiza’s salubrious reputation precedes it; but the fact is, when you arrive on the white isle, finding the perfect watering hole can be a little overwhelming. From the bright lights of the bars along the port to the twinkling invitations coming from little cave-like lounges in dimly lit backstreets, it can initially feel like you’re spoilt for choice but sadly, it’s a case of quantity over quality.

Rather than spend your holiday nights weaving your way through endless establishments who don’t know a Gimlet from an Espresso Martini, check out our guide to the best bars in Ibiza – tried, tested and trusted by White Ibiza. Manned by award-winning bartenders, offering world-class signature cocktails and set in super cool surroundings, these are the only destination bars you need to know about in Ibiza.

Baboon Bar

Alcohol-infused enchantment

Baboon Bar – formerly tucked away in a Figueretes side street – takes pride of place on the ground floor of Cotton Lounge Club, meaning you can start or end your evening in a haze of high-end alcohol-infused enchantment. With jaw-dropping views of the Med, classic décor and a colonial-era feel, it’s a different world to its upstairs neighbour and any other bar in Ibiza – more like you’ve stumbled into a classy speakeasy.

Bambuddha Tantra Cocktail Palace

Temple of temptation

The perfect fusion of exotic, erotic, sexual, spiritual and luxurious ambience, the Tantra Cocktail Palace is yet another seductive facet of owner John Moon’s famous temple of temptation, Bambuddha…

Open nightly from 8pm until 3am, Bambuddha loyalists, Ibiza locals and the visiting ‘it’ crowd mingle at the bars before moving into the legendary Ibiza restaurant for dinner and on into the night dancing.

Bar 1805

Absinthe and dreams

Bar 1805 proprietor Charles Vexenat is (almost) larger than life. Towering well over six feet tall, covered in an eclectic mix of tattoos, his booming laugh echoes down the stairwell between Ibiza’s gypsy barrio, Sa Penya, and the Mercado Viejo at the base of the drawbridge to Ibiza’s old town. It is at the top of these stairs where you’ll find him presiding over Ibiza’s coolest and most eclectic cocktail bar.

Blue Marlin Ibiza Marina

Cosmopolitan seaside cocktails

Ibiza’s bustling Marina district is home to a host of couture cocktail bars catering to the burgeoning luxury yacht set, fashionistas, the visiting A-list and purveyors of fine food and drink alike. The king of the aprés-boating cocktail scene is Blue Marlin Ibiza Marina – the original Blue Marlin’s cosmopolitan little sister.

Cantine 105

Pride of the port

It’s easy to walk past many a chaotic bar in the port of Ibiza without stopping to give them a second glance, but Cantine 105 is a sophisticated offering among the livelier set. The spacious venue is a great spot for a quiet, relaxing drink close to the water, within touching distance of all those gleaming superyachts.

Gran Hotel Montesol

Art Deco elegance

The Gran Hotel Montesol is Ibiza’s oldest hotel, and after a recent renovation in which both interiors and exterior and were restored to former glories by famed Spanish designer Lázaro Rosa-Violán, the sophisticated establishment has been put resolutely back on the m

Km5 Ibiza

Cocktails under the constellations

Iconic Ibiza open air lounge bar Km5 Ibiza is a classic part of the island’s nightlife scene. Located in a beautiful 400-year old finca in the San Jose hills, it is famous for its legendary parties, taking place under the stars each sultry summer night.

La Belle Ibiza

Theatre of the night

San Rafael hotspot La Belle Ibiza is so much more than just a fine dining destination. This was the intention of French owners Arnaud and Sabine Lauris, who wanted to create a space where one and all could feel free to be themselves and enjoy unrivalled entertainment inspired by Ibiza’s early days as a hedonistic, bohemian playground.

La Esquina

The cool corner

True to the English translation of La Esquina, this hip bar resides on a corner in the centre of Ibiza town. It’s situated at the base of the ancient, cobbled rampart leading up to Dalt Vila, and is always a hive of activity thanks to the constant footfall of visitors keen to soak up a slice of Ibiza’s rich history.

Le Bar

Old town magic

A quaint little spot set amid the labyrinth-like streets and hustle and bustle of Dalt Vila – Ibiza’s ‘old town’ – Le Bar is a new addition to the island’s cocktail scene this summer. Owned by the team behind the much-loved La Oliva, just across the cobbled walkway, it’s the perfect stop-off for pre or post dinner drinks and idly watching the world go by.

Paradise Lost

Quirky drinking den

Once upon a time the port was packed with quirky drinking dens, but recently they’ve become harder to find. If you don’t find one, you create one, which is exactly what the owners of Paradise Lost did. At the helm is James Harvey, a long-term Ibiza dweller who is without a doubt one of the best pro barmen in Ibiza.

Petit Vermut

Little wonders

Bucking the trend for the kind of bars traditionally found in Ibiza, Petit Vermut is the island’s very first ‘Vermoutheria’; a venue serving a wide selection of the finest Vermouths. For the uninitiated, Vermouth is a fortified wine that’s been sweetened and fused with brandy, herbs and spices and it’s definitely having a moment.


Enjoy small things

Taking time to enjoy the small, simple things around you is one of life’s greatest pleasures and Ibiza bar S’Escalinata – set in the heart of Dalt Vila, Ibiza’s ancient city and a UNESCO World Heritage Listed Site – is one of the island’s little gems.

Teatro Pereyra

Authentic Ibiza spirit

On an island famed for its electronic music scene, Teatro Pereyra is a breath of fresh air, and is highly regarded as one of Ibiza’s primary venues for letting your hair down to the electrifying tones of live music.

The Black Box at La Imprenta

Decadent drinking

Within the luxe surrounds of stunning new Ibiza restaurant La Imprenta hides one of the island’s most luxurious cocktail bars. The Black Box resides on the second floor of the restaurant, where plush velvet curtains contrast with sprakling vintage crystal chandeliers and furnishings are upholstered in elegant silk-velvet colours.

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