Ibiza restaurants: Pikes Ibiza – Where the curious are indulged

Such is the legend surrounding Pikes Ibiza that it’s begun to defy definition. A place that shamelessly indulges the esoteric while simultaneously inspiring wild, madcap fantasies; a utopia rooted in physicality of sorts – in this case, the bucolic rolling hills of San Antonio, where it sits atop a makeshift throne casting unshakable spells over its incumbents. Always evolving and forever inviting guests to venture further into its enchanted rabbit hole, this summer the famed hotel has added another string to its bow in the form of the Curiosity Shop in Room 39, a louche hangout where the curious are indulged and the indulged are curious.

Once known as the upper level of the Pikes Ibiza restaurant, Room 39 has undergone an exquisite transformation in which a selection of the world’s most peculiar objets d’arts have been collected, curated and presented within the walls of what’s now known as the Curiosity Shop. Part late-night lounge bar, part musical hub, part meeting place of the eccentrically minded, it’s also home to a trailblazing range of cocktails inspired by each trinket that’s journeyed around the globe before coming to settle (temporarily, for each object is for sale) on its shelves.

The mastermind behind the bar’s magnificent cocktail menu is mixologist, Tanja Mašić, whose mother was also in the serious business of mixing spirits. She passed on the intuitive baton for intriguing combinations to her daughter and Tanja traversed the globe honing her skills, before eventually turning her hand to the job of bar manager at Pikes, where her peerless knowledge and dedication to the cause has resulted in the most inventive cocktail list on the island. Inspired by the bits and bobs collected by Pikes owner, Dawn Hindle, she takes us on a journey through flavour, but only for as long as the object remains unsold – once it’s found a permanent home, its accompanying cocktail is taken off the menu and replaced by another new creation.

As a result, there’s only a limited time to sample drinks like the Legless Indian, named after a teapot because it fuses gin, lemon juice and hibiscus green tea, or the bright pink Crystal Dildo, which includes mezcal, blood orange, coconut puree, lime and agave, and the Captain of the Night, so named by Pikes frontman Mika Jarosz who was asked: “If you were a cocktail, what would you be?” The result is a combination of mezcal, sweet sherry and tobacco syrup. The recipes may sound simple but of course, their true nature is shrouded in secrecy, with Tanja often scribbling down creations when she least expects it.

So take a pew in the newly-decorated space that’s alive with the depths of petrol blue and sleek, gold-rimmed chairs, and it wont be long before you’re making your way through every cocktail, getting lost in a world that’s been woven by new taste sensations. Then, if you’re feeling peckish, you can dig into the gastro-inspired recently upgraded menu, which is laden with options for every culinary leaning. From vegan to vegetarian to meat-loving, there’s something for everyone, and under the guidance of head chef Lee Milne, a guarantee that every plate is gastronomic bombshell.

Music is the final piece of this pleasing riddle. Described by Dawn as mirroring “sleazy, late night Berlin sounds”, each Pikes resident DJ has curated a playlist that will float through the bar and into the Balearic darkness until the magic hour of 4am. Nevertheless, we expect time isn’t something you’ll be paying much attention to here. ’How long is forever?’ asks Alice to the White Rabbit in Lewis Carrol’s Alice in Wonderland. ‘Sometimes, just one second,’ he replies.