Our selection of the most outstanding and professional Ibiza architecture and design firms. A hand-picked selection of people and firms for Ibiza architecture and design.

Noah’s Garden
Ibiza architecture & design Noah’s Garden
Landscaping experts for your Ibiza house and garden.
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Ibiza architecture & design Terravita
Leading the way in sustainable and earth-friendly design.
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Whatever you are planning to do with your Ibiza dream house, it pays to have the best team in place before taking up tools. Having a well-connected Ibiza architect working on your designs can save years of waiting for planning permission on this tiny and close-knit island. A good project manager will have a black book crammed with reliable construction crew or tradesmen and sources for even the most hard-to-find materials for your project. Creative landscape designers with detailed knowledge of Ibiza’s environment and fauna can produce a garden design that complements beautifully the Ibiza architecture of your home.

The enormous range in variety and different styles means it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what ‘Ibiza architecture’ is. The majority of houses are typically painted white, keeping them cool during the hot summer months, and the traditional farmhouse, or finca in Spanish, has thick walls to retain heat in the winter and small windows to protect from the fierce rays of the sun at the peak of the season. Spectacular renovations have been made across the island of these traditional homes, keeping the original Ibiza architecture but introducing modern elements to suit a contemporary lifestyle.

The White Ibiza Architecture and Design Guide has all the contacts you will need to put together your dream team for your Ibiza architecture project. Our experts come highly recommended and have years of experience working with fabulous properties or stunning gardens in Ibiza, as well as being personally selected by White Ibiza. From photographing some of the dreamiest homes in Ibiza, to renting or selling some outstandingly designed properties, we’ve found the best in the business of Ibiza architecture and design and have given them our stamp of approval! Browse these pages and enjoy the view.