Nestled along the coast of almost every cala and cove, the variety of Ibiza beach restaurants situated on Ibiza’s best beaches offers so much choice that you could try a different one each day of the year.

Aiyanna Ibiza
Ibiza beach restaurants Aiyanna Ibiza
Showcasing the very best of the Mediterranean lifestyle.
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Amante Ibiza
Ibiza beach restaurants Amante Ibiza
A hideaway haven capturing the essence of Ibiza.
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Atzaró Beach
Ibiza beach restaurants Atzaró Beach
Luxurious ambience on the sparkling shores of Cala Nova.
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Ibiza beach restaurants BEACHOUSE Ibiza
Established island favourite offering blissful beachlife vibes.
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Cala Gracioneta Chiringuito
Ibiza beach restaurants Cala Gracioneta Chiringuito
A romantic and secluded beach restaurant on the west coast of Ibiza.
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Ibiza beach restaurants Chambao
A slice of chiringuito-style heaven on the beach at Talamanca.
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Cotton Beach Club
Ibiza beach restaurants Cotton Beach Club
Luxurious Ibiza beach restaurant on Cala Tarida.
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El Chiringuito
Ibiza beach restaurants El Chiringuito
Chic Ibiza beach restaurant set in harmony with its natural surroundings.
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Ibiza’s beach restaurants are one of the island’s most alluring attractions. Traditional family-owned establishments that have been preparing their famous rice dishes and fish stews for decades, share shorelines with glamourous modern eateries serving Mediterr-asian fusion on pristine white tablecloths. What is common to all is the gorgeous proximity of that shimmering sea, and the deliciousness of being in the open-air and sunshine.

A quintessential Ibiza beach day can start as early as you desire, many of the best Ibiza beach restaurants start their service with breakfast. What better way to begin your morning than with a tranquil swim in the fresh Mediterranean followed by a scrumptious brunch on the beach? Or you could reserve a sun lounger or cabana bed for the day, and have your lunch served to you there, dipping in and out of the water when the heat of the day gets too much. For traditionalists, up at the restaurant large tables are usually shaded by giant parasols or swaying palms and meals are leisurely indulgent, never rushed.

Many of the Ibiza beach restaurants serve food all day and keep their kitchens open through to the evening too. Dinner at the beach is a romantic affair, food always tastes better outdoors close to nature, and there’s something wonderfully dreamy about being on the seafront after dark. Take your cocktails for a bare-footed wander in the cool sand, or arrive for sunset and then stay to watch the moon rise. Holidays are better at the beach, so of course mealtimes are too. The White Ibiza Beach Restaurant Guide can help you find the perfect place for your ideal meal.