A carefully curated selection of the best Ibiza beauty therapists and stylists on the island, we’ve located the best Ibiza beauty technicians.

Lash by Jayne
Ibiza beauty Lash by Jayne
Ibiza beauty expert specialising in lash extensions
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If there was ever a place in the world where you would want to be picture perfect ready at any moment, Ibiza is that place. Every celebrated second from a professionally captured wedding to an idyllic Instagram-ed beach is accompanied by a hungry camera just waiting to immortalise the natural Ibiza beauty in the moment, and you at the same time. Thankfully, being relaxed and happy on holiday, when coupled with the incredibly photogenic Mediterranean light creates stunning pictures every time, but when nature needs a helping hand, the White Ibiza Beauty Guide has the numbers you’re looking for.

Carefully curating a selection of the best Ibiza beauty therapists and stylists on the island has been our mission for years, we’ve located the best Ibiza beauty technicians just so that you don’t have to – OK, well maybe that wasn’t the only reason. Our nails have been extended, filed, polished and shellac-ed, our bodies waxed, massaged, exfoliated and lifted, to make sure that our recommendations are good enough, we wouldn’t pass on a contact of an Ibiza beauty therapist that we haven’t used ourselves. Our hair has been cropped, teased, coloured and blown-out and our lashes look natural, while being long, voluminous and feather-like.

Of course we’re very happy to know that all of that research will be well-used. The White Ibiza Beauty Guide is the result of all that labour, and contains the best Ibiza beauty providers on the island. Each page contains a detailed description of all treatments and therapies that are offered, as well as high quality photographs so you can see some effects and samples of the therapist, stylist or technician’s work. There is a contact form for you to reach them directly, as well as a link to their own page for further investigating, or a google map location so you can see whereabouts in Ibiza your particular Ibiza beauty supplier is located. Happy beauty browsing!