The White Ibiza Boutique Hotels Guide is here to make your search for the perfect Ibiza boutique hotel easier.

Casa Maca
Ibiza boutique hotels Casa Maca
An Ibiza boutique hotel that sings with authentic island charm.
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Los Enamorados
Ibiza boutique hotels Los Enamorados
A one-of-a-kind venue that embodies the quintessential charm of eccentric Ibiza.
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Mikasa Ibiza
Ibiza boutique hotels Mikasa Ibiza
An intimately bohemian Ibiza boutique hotel in Marina Botafoch.
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Ibiza boutique hotels Nativo
Barefoot bohemian and quietly luxurious new boutique hotel in Siesta.
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Petunia Ibiza
Ibiza boutique hotels Petunia Ibiza
An icon in the making on the south coast of Ibiza.
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Ibiza boutique hotels Pikes
The Ibiza institution of Pikes has been revived into a luxury hotel.
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Pure House Ibiza
Ibiza boutique hotels Pure House Ibiza
An oasis of calm just a few minutes’ drive from Ibiza town.
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Ses Pitreras
Ibiza boutique hotels Ses Pitreras
Shrouded with palm trees and hidden by high fences is Ibiza boutique hotel Ses Pitreras.
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Searching for your dream Ibiza boutique hotel can make one feel a little like Goldilocks. There are so many amazing Ibiza boutique hotels to choose, you need to check them all out to find the one that is j-u-u-s-t right! The White Ibiza Boutique Hotels Guide is here to make your search for the perfect Ibiza boutique hotel easier – we’ve carefully curated a list of the very finest boutique hotels across the white island that tick all the right boxes when it comes to quality, service, luxury and location.

There’s no one size fits all approach when it comes to designing a boutique hotel in Ibiza and you’ll see that no two boutique hotels in our guide are alike. It’s what makes staying in a boutique hotel special – each has its own charm, eccentricities and character. From seeking out heavenly rural boltholes and finding eclectic urban outposts to frequenting legendary hedonistic hotels that have become truly iconic over the years, we’ve made it our mission to identify the very best Ibiza boutique hotels and give them our stamp of approval!

By nature, Ibiza boutique hotels are quite intimate – you won’t ever be overrun by other guests and will always be able to enjoy the boutique hotel’s facilities. Many of our favourite boutique hotels in Ibiza have fantastic in-house restaurants, almost all of them have swimming pools, some of them feature world-class spas and each and every one has its own unique style. Once you check into these holiday havens, you’ll find it hard to leave! Ibiza really is a boutique hotel lover’s dream come true.