A carefully curated selection of the most unique Ibiza interiors & home décor shops, showrooms and designers to inspire the design of your Ibiza home.

Balli Interiors
Ibiza interiors & decor Balli Interiors
An innovative design studio in the heart of Ibiza town.
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Es Cucons La Tienda
Ibiza interiors & decor Es Cucons La Tienda
Stylish Ibiza interiors store in Santa Gertrudis.
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Ibiza Interiors
Ibiza interiors & decor Ibiza Interiors
A charming retail space and a showcase for Jurjen Van Hulzen.
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KsaR Living
Ibiza interiors & decor KsaR Living
Specialists in Ibiza interior decoration for hotels, restaurants and villas.
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Ibiza interiors & decor Magazin
Chic interior and exterior furnishings since 1994.
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Moonk and Figus
Ibiza interiors & decor Moonk and Figus
Architecture, art and the vitality of the Ibiza lifestyle.
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Tanis Ibiza
Ibiza interiors & decor Tanis Ibiza
A chic, pure and natural take on design.
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Designing the interiors of your Ibiza house is where the fun really starts. This wonderfully creative island is already home to a proliferation of interior showrooms, designer stores, and Ibiza interior designers themselves all making it their business to find the most collectable treasures, the most sought-after fabrics and the most in-demand furniture pieces from around the globe. Many suppliers work closely with your design plans and then source the perfect materials or purchases for you, creating an exclusive and bespoke décor look for your dream Ibiza interiors. Local artisans can create unique pieces for your home, to your exact specifications and style.

The only limit for your Ibiza interiors is your own imagination. Look for inspiration in the pages of the White Ibiza Interiors & Décor Guide, where you’ll find a curated selection of our favourite and most highly recommended interior designers or décor showrooms on the island. Through numerous lifestyle photoshoots and more property viewings each year than can be counted, we have seen an awful lot of Ibiza home interiors, from luxurious glass-fronted modern mansions, to romantic and rural luxury fincas, from traditional to hi-tech, from cliff-top to countryside, and this is our guide to create the look of your dreams.

Throughout the pages of the section, you’ll find the most gorgeous Ibiza interiors. In the living section, discover beautifully designed homes and the people that have helped to create them. Under villa rentals, you can take a peek inside some of the most exclusive luxury holiday villas and see what makes them so extraordinary, and the property sales pages are also a great source for Ibiza interiors and design ideas. Our site is the place to start whether designing a whole new look for your Ibiza interiors, or simply refreshing your Ibiza home with some new décor pieces, the planning and shopping starts here!