Ibiza is an island with a restaurant around every corner, however, picking the perfect restaurant can be drama-free with the White Ibiza Restaurant Guide, featuring only the best restaurants selected by our team of intrepid tasters.

.more. by Cas Gasi
Ibiza restaurants .more. by Cas Gasi
An abundant organic garden is at the heart this Santa Gertrudis restaurant concept.
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A Mi Manera
Ibiza restaurants A Mi Manera
Mediterranean cuisine with a strong Italian family influence.
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Aiyanna Ibiza
Ibiza restaurants Aiyanna Ibiza
Blissful Balearic nights by the beach at Cala Nova.
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Aubergine Ibiza
Ibiza restaurants Aubergine Ibiza
A peaceful sanctuary where the atmosphere is palpably authentic.
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Casa Lhasa
Ibiza restaurants Casa Lhasa
A natural wine bar and innovative restaurant in the tiny village of San Lorenzo.
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Casa Linda
Ibiza restaurants Casa Linda
World-class Catalonian-inspired cuisine in a romantic private garden setting in San José.
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Casa Maca
Ibiza restaurants Casa Maca
One of the island’s hippest foodie hangouts.
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CBbC Marina Sta Eulalia
Ibiza restaurants CBbC Marina Sta Eulalia
Ibiza-inspired gastronomy enjoyed in the pretty surrounds of Marina Santa Eulalia.
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Chidas Bar and Cantina
Ibiza restaurants Chidas Bar and Cantina
The buzzing Ibiza town eatery where every taste tells a story.
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Cone Club at 7Pines Resort Ibiza
Ibiza restaurants Cone Club at 7Pines Resort Ibiza
The home of the famous nightly Sunset Ritual on the west coast.
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Cuyo Ibiza
Ibiza restaurants Cuyo Ibiza
Bold Mexican cuisine served with vibrant Latino vibes, nestled between luxe resorts Hyde Ibiza and Mondrian Ibiza in Cala Llonga.
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Essència Ibiza
Ibiza restaurants Essència Ibiza
A countryside hidden gem where the cuisine and setting shine.
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Ibiza restaurants Hämbre
An internationally inspired restaurant focused on local provenance and sustainability in Santa Eulalia.
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Jara at The Standard, Ibiza
Ibiza restaurants Jara at The Standard, Ibiza
The jungle-themed modern restaurant bringing the buzz back to Vara de Rey.
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Juntos House
Ibiza restaurants Juntos House
Exquisite farm-to-table restaurant in the heart of San Mateo.
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La Cava Ibiza
Ibiza restaurants La Cava Ibiza
Cool café vibes on the iconic main square of Ibiza town.
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La Torre Ibiza
Ibiza restaurants La Torre Ibiza
Outstanding cuisine, sensational vistas and chilled-out vibes.
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Monkey Ibiza
Ibiza restaurants Monkey Ibiza
Balearic soul meets Parisian chic and international flavours in San Antonio.
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Pamelas at Pikes Ibiza
Ibiza restaurants Pamelas at Pikes Ibiza
A new incarnation of the award-winning Pikes restaurant.
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Pershing Yacht Terrace at 7Pines Resort Ibiza
Ibiza restaurants Pershing Yacht Terrace at 7Pines Resort Ibiza
A sleek and chic izakaya-style restaurant and cocktail bar with Es Vedrá views.
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Radio ME Ibiza Rooftop Bar
Ibiza restaurants Radio ME Ibiza Rooftop Bar
Idyllic Medterranean views, chilled-out day to night vibes and a first-class menu.
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Room Service Ibiza
Ibiza restaurants Room Service Ibiza
Bespoke cocktails and light bites in a chic and romantic old town setting.
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Ibiza restaurants Shanti
Fusing Indian culinary arts with Mediterranean ingredients in a unique and quirky vibe.
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Sorella Ristorante & Terrazza
Ibiza restaurants Sorella Ristorante & Terrazza
Dining la dolce vita from the elegant seaside terrace at Hotel Mongibello on the east coast.
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STK Ibiza
Ibiza restaurants STK Ibiza
Fabulous food and vibrant entertainment all rolled into one sleek venue.
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The Giri Café
Ibiza restaurants The Giri Café
Day-to-night dining destination in San Juan village.
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UP at The Standard, Ibiza
Ibiza restaurants UP at The Standard, Ibiza
The buzzy Vara de Rey rooftop bar with iconic old town views.
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Villa Mercedes
Ibiza restaurants Villa Mercedes
Traditional Spanish passion for food meets discerning modern tastes.
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Yalla Ibiza
Ibiza restaurants Yalla Ibiza
Middle Eastern magic in the heart of Santa Gertrudis.
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Ibiza is an island with a restaurant around every corner. Choosing what and where to eat can make every day exciting. In the mood for a stylish French bistro lunch in a bustling rural village? Perhaps an al fresco sunset dinner with the stunning view of Es Vedra to accompany your meal? Drive into the countryside to find world-class Japanese sushi with a twist followed by delectable cocktails. Or head into the old town of Ibiza for a local restaurant specialising in zero-kilometre cuisine using the only the freshest ingredients found on the island.

Spectacular views are a given for some of the island’s best restaurant locations, perched on cliffs or roof tops looking out to sea the crystal-clear waves provide an idyllic backdrop to any Ibiza dining experience. Other eateries are nestled inside intimate gardens brimming with greenery and fragrant with herbs; indigenous pine trees and sweet-smelling lavender create magical culinary moments never to be forgotten. The rural bohemian villages of Ibiza’s north are home to world-class restaurants, settled around sunny squares with cute terraces perfect for whiling away the afternoon or evening with a spot of first-rate people-watching.

Picking the perfect restaurant can be drama-free with the White Ibiza Restaurant Guide. Only the best restaurants have been selected by our team of intrepid tasters, and you can be assured of the highest standards and quality of service when it comes to our list. Each restaurant page includes detailed photos and a contact page and number for reserving your table. Whether dining with family or friends, in a large group or an intimate couple, somewhere in Ibiza is the perfect restaurant for your taste, time of day and mood. Of course, once the location is decided, the rest of the menu really is up to you.