Halloween in Ibiza: 31.10.10


Forget openings and closings – anyone who’s experienced October 31 in Ibiza will tell you that Halloween is the single most important day on the party calendar. And judging by the amount of spookily themed events taking place in Ibiza over the weekend, it’s only getting bigger…

Aura, La Bodega, Casa Colonial, Rock Nights at Pacha, Rock Factory at Somni and of course, the famous big bash at Bambuddha Grove were all on Miss W’s fright night agenda, but rather than give you a blow by blow account of each party, I thought that this year, I’d run you through my favourite costumes to get you inspired to start planning your own Halloween outfit for 2011! Take note: token bunny ears or painted cat whiskers are not acceptable here. The stakes are high… though of course if you’ve come dressed as a vampire, they’ll most likely be straight through the heart!

Victorian Zombie bride and her Evil Cardinal groom – If there was a prom-style award for Halloween king and queen, it would go to these two, hands down. A ghoulishly terrifying Victorian zombie bride paired with a red-cloaked zombie-esque cardinal that looked as though they’d stepped straight from the set of a horror movie. Miss W hears the special effects came courtesy of liquid latex… and I have to wonder, whether it’s actually washed off yet!


The haunted painting – If you’ve ever wondered about the term ‘if walls could talk’, this is what it would look like! An elaborate portrait of a tightly corseted lady complete with picture frame come to life, and just like the Mona Lisa, her eyes follow you whichever way you look at her. Even better, were the ghosts and ghouls eager to have their photo taken within her frame!


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Dressing as a team has many advantages and there’s a certain group of locals who have always excelled at group efforts (including previous impressive stints as Ghostbusters and Super Mario Brothers) and this year was no exception. Turtle power was out in force, shells and six-packs alike and there was even a token furry-faced Splinter to keep them in line! I hope they got a discount on green face paint – or stain remover for their pillows the next day.

Dead Riding Hood – Halloween has long been an excuse for adults to take kid’s fairytales and sex them up, and this sassy red caped chica was no exception, complete with an evil glint in her eye and who knows what was under that cloak! As for the severed wolf’s head in her basket? All the better to scare me with my dears…


True Blood – There’s no doubt about it that 2010 was the year of the vampire, and my oh my, if True Blood didn’t just come to life right here in Ibiza with one clever PR guru’s take on the fang-banging theme, all the way down to an authentic blood-stained Merlotte’s uniform and a bottle of True Blood. Now that’s what I call dedication to the Halloween cause… now if we could just manage to dig up a lifelike Eric Northman, Miss W would be a very happy girl indeed.


But who was Miss W dressed as, I can hear you wondering? I can’t tell you of course, or (in true Halloween style) I’d have to kill you! Or at the very least, set some of my newfound zombie friends onto you…


THE GOOD: Year after year the painstaking efforts Ibiza residents go to with their costumes just get bigger, better, badder and soooo much scarier. Hollywood horror movies have nothing on us!

THE BAD: Don’t even get me started on the last-minute costume panic – the security on the door of La Cucaña, Ibiza’s major fancy dress store, enforcing the one-in-one-out policy on Hallow-eve was stricter than the Pacha guest list at the F*** Me I’m Famous Closing Party.

THE GOSSIP: Hmmm, at least all that heavy face-make up and the rubber masks do wonders at hiding certain people’s wonky eyes and inebriated faces!