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Healing in paradise – Can Vistabella

An idyllic location for wellness and connection hidden away in the pine-forested hills of Benimussa.

Ibiza boutique hotel Can Vistabella, hidden within the pine-forested hills of Benimussa, offers an array of rejuvenating wellness and wellbeing sessions to guests and visitors alike.

Words: Sonia Espinosa | Photos: Juan Sabatino - Munay Photography

Nestled within the pine-scented hills of Benimussa, on the outskirts of San Antonio, Can Vistabella delivers the quintessential Ibiza holiday experience. Draped in the bright colours of bougainvillea, the luxurious boutique hotel exudes the charm of a high-end retreat designed for jetsetters seeking the peace and tranquillity of the island’s lush landscapes. With its rustic charm, ultra-relaxing amenities and total privacy, Can Vistabella provides the ideal backdrop for a series of activities centred around wellness and creativity, designed for guests and also open to the public.

Mornings at Can Vistabella begin with a rejuvenating yoga session on the dedicated deck, nestled in the hotel’s verdant gardens. Surrounded by birdsong and the aroma of wild rosemary, guests can channel their inner zen under the guidance of yogini Laura Medina. This serene setting is perfect for a holistic practice that balances mind, body, and spirit within the framework of Integral Yoga. Intersecting with the six branches of classical yoga – Hatha, Raja, Bhakti, Karma, Jnana, and Japa – this system restores inner peace and maintains optimum health. It’s a supremely uplifting practice, perfectly aligned with the island’s spiritual energy and a beautiful way to start the day.

Post-yoga breakfast is enjoyed at the exquisite Essència Ibiza restaurant within the hotel’s grounds. Expect everything from eggs anyway you like them, fresh fruit, and toast to decadent waffles, pancakes, and pastries. Wash it down with a fresh juice and a dip in the pool before chatting to hotel manager Zuzana Florekova and her team for their suggestions on how best to enjoy the island. Alternatively, keep things simple and snooze by the pool until lunchtime, where the menu includes traditional tapas, healthy bowls, grilled meats, fresh fish, and pasta, plus a delicious kid’s menu.

Those seeking an alternative dynamic will be interested in the thrice-weekly Pilates Soma Move sessions with instructor Cristina Poms. This mat-based class, held in the same garden setting, focuses on fluid, mindful movements to enhance strength, flexibility, and balance. Seamlessly blending traditional Pilates with contemporary techniques, Cristina takes participants through a series of exercises designed to align the body and invigorate the spirit, providing an energetic and enriching experience for all fitness levels. At Can Vistabella, each session is more than a workout; it’s a path to holistic well-being amidst the tranquil beauty of Ibiza.

This overall sense of wellbeing for guests and visitors at Can Vistabella is further enriched by transformative sound healing sessions led by Miriam Sanchez. These sessions harness the therapeutic power of sound to promote deep relaxation and inner harmony. Using a variety of instruments such as crystal bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, and gongs, Miriam creates a symphony of healing vibrations that resonate through the body, helping to release stress, balance energy, and enhance overall mental clarity. Each session is a unique and immersive experience, directing participants into a state of profound composure and self-awareness.

Can Vistabella extends its wellness offerings beyond yoga and Pilates with a fully equipped gym. Featuring state-of-the-art equipment catering to all levels and preferences, whether you want an energising workout or focused strength training, the gym provides a welcoming environment to achieve your goals. Additionally, the hotel offers a comprehensive array of spa services to rejuvenate the body and mind. Guests can indulge in soothing massages, from deep tissue to relaxing aromatherapy, and beauty treatments, including facials, manicures, and pedicures. The skilled therapists deliver personalised treatments that leave guests feeling revitalised and refreshed.

As evening descends across the grounds, the hotel’s signature restaurant Essència Ibiza prepares for dinner under the twinkling starlight. Head chef Francisco Moreno celebrates the finest local ingredients, crafted into Mediterranean-inspired dishes with a modern twist. Guests can savour an array of delectable options, from succulent seafood and tender meats to exquisite vegetarian creations, all paired with a thoughtfully curated selection of local and international wines.

With attentive service and a romantic ambience, dining at Essència Ibiza is an unforgettable experience, especially when accompanied by the gentle chords of musician Hector Roldan. A gifted musician with a soulful voice and masterful guitar skills, Hector brings a soothing and gentle atmosphere to the restaurant’s garden setting. With a repertoire that traverses genres, from traditional Spanish guitar to contemporary classics, his heartfelt renditions create a magical ambience. Whether enjoying a cocktail or dining under the stars, Hector’s live music adds a harmonious touch to the peaceful and picturesque surroundings of Can Vistabella.

This unique holiday haven perfectly captures the traditional whitewashed elegance of Ibiza where each corner exudes a timeless charm, effortlessly merging with the island’s natural beauty. The meticulously maintained gardens, inviting yoga deck, luxurious spa and wellness services, and exquisite dining at Essència Ibiza all contribute to an atmosphere of refined calm. Whether indulging in a rejuvenating Pilates session, relishing sound healing, or enjoying live music, every moment at Can Vistabella is designed to offer a deeply enriching experience. This idyllic retreat invites guests and visitors to immerse themselves in the natural rhythms of island life, making it a truly unforgettable destination.