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Healing through refined nourishment

Vital nutrition at The Body Awakening Ibiza

Arianna Aunon of The Body Awakening Ibiza explains why nutrition is a vital pillar for true connection to self.

In the western world, our relationship with food is complex. On the one hand we’re encouraged to embrace it as a fundamental pillar of our lives – wellness, socialising and happiness supposedly depend on it, and yet on the other, it’s frequently demonised for being the root cause of so much of the discomfort we feel within our bodies. It’s glamourised on social media, yet in reality we all know that too much of a good thing can be detrimental to our health. Small wonder then, that forming a healthy relationship with food can be a confusing prospect, one that Arianna Aunon of The Body Awakening Ibiza aims to dispel.

An award-winning women’s health specialist and founder of The Body Awakening Ibiza, Arianna’s expertise has been honed through both personal experience and extensive studies. The result is a comprehensive knowledge that allows her to advise women (often with problems like thyroid issues, weight gain, brain fog and bloating) on how best to heal their bodies through a combination of considered nutrition, meditation, energy work, journalling, cellular regeneration, detox and frequency treatment among other things. In the process, her aim is to address the misconceptions we have about food today, instead revealing nutrition – in its purest form – as a perfectly complete healing system.

“Everyone’s so curious about food and nutrition and what the truth is on it,” Arianna muses. “The fact is that if we use food in the correct way, the body gets what it needs – we can use it as a portal to come home to ourselves and feel liberated in our own bodies.” This transformation begins with an uplifting women’s only body accelerator group program – a one to one eight-week body reset program – or a three-month integration programme that culminates in The Body Awakening Ibiza six-day retreat led by Arianna here on the island.

Her goal is to aid clients with the release of adopted patterns and behaviours – a process that not only begins with food, but also with how and why we eat it. “We have such a huge emotional attachment to food,” says Arianna. “We store beliefs in our cellular memory and these can be held onto like a safety net. But we can also use food to transform the reality of each cell within our bodies, bringing up these beliefs so they can be witnessed for what they truly are and released.” While clients are letting go of these entrenched patterns, Arianna is on hand at The Body Awakening Ibiza to offer advice and guidance. “Healing can be simple and effortless,” she continues. “But you need to allow yourself to let go of your old ways and trust that there is a way forward.”

The first step on The Body Awakening Ibiza path is to adopt a high vibrational food diet, which for some can seem daunting, especially if they display deeply ingrained eating habits. “Cravings have an emotional connection,” Arianna explains. “But when you bring in high vibrational foods, we’re able to release what’s not serving us. The food helps the body to peel away those layers, and attachments fall away alongside them.” Consequently, Arianna works minimally with food, often in its most natural forms. Fresh fruits and vegetables are essential, along with leafy greens and herbs, some nuts and seeds and occasionally, non-mucus grains like quinoa. “What we’re doing is using food as a daily detox,” Arianna says. “It’s not just something we do two or three times a year at The Body Awakening Ibiza – this is something we want to be present in our lives on a daily basis.” The aim is to remove waste from the body and its cells, a method that allows us to shift physical and emotional stagnation and form a deeper connection to our true selves. “We want to awaken and illuminate the body, healing it at its core,” says Arianna. “The body naturally wants to shed its symptoms, so we allow it to do that by shifting cellular waste and freeing up space in the body.”

Although there may be resistance at first, many who embark on The Body Awakening Ibiza nutrition path soon settle into it. “Because you go into a deep state within the body, removing beliefs and cravings, you start to become satisfied by a simpler way of eating,” says Arianna. “This way of eating alters the neurotransmitters we produce surrounding food and our experiences, and because we feel satisfied, we no longer reach out for food that stimulates.” In other words, coffee, alcohol and processed foods make way for a much more refined nourishment.

There’s no doubt that overhauling how we eat requires patience, a kindness, and a sense of trust, and Arianna is confident that this one small shift that she implements at The Body Awakening Ibiza can go on to totally transform lives. “Your body is always trying to heal itself but we’re led by a health industry that teaches us to fear our bodies,” she says. “Now is the time to remember that our body is our best friend. It’s time to come home – to reclaim your inner power and authority. When you’re no longer running on stagnant energy, you’re returning to a place of purity, living free as who you truly are, and what an exciting journey that is.”

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