Ibiza health & beauty: Transformational parenting and business courses

The parallels between parenting and running a business are surprisingly clear. Each is a deeply personal practice, with no one size fits all approach and the outcome of your behaviour, beliefs and actions always affect others, and both can make you feel incredibly isolated at times. Here in Ibiza, professional Sa’Sen Yin Therapist and homeopath Sharon Loerzer hosts in-depth transformational courses for parents and business owners, managers or entrepreneurs, guiding them through what can be a minefield of experiences and issues in order to free them up to become the very best version of themselves.

As a family therapist and founder of Family Evolution Centre and Business Evolution Power, mother and grandmother, and former restaurateur, Sharon – who was born and bred in Ibiza – understands the ups and downs of parenting, business leadership and the need for work life balance from the ground up. Her training and qualifications (plus 20 years’ experience in her field) give her the added insight needed in order to guide others through their experiences; her warm personality allows clients to connect with her while her firm but fair ‘tell it like it is’ manner doesn’t allow for coddling. For those in need of guidance in Ibiza, her approach to business and family coaching is at once refreshing and essential.

The next instalment of Sharon’s successful Conscious Parenting course commences on Thursday March 15, 2018 in the discreet and tranquil surroundings of her workspace in Es Canar. Open to mothers and fathers of children of all ages – from small babies and infants through to teens – and from all walks of life, the training is spread out over eight sessions (scheduled according to participants’ needs) and costs 700€, with payment options available.

“I don’t tell parents how to be parents,” Sharon explains very clearly. “But what I do is help them clear out an awful lot of stuff they don’t need to help them become stronger in themselves and become the version of parents they WANT to be. I encourage parents to be creative and decide what approaches they take with each of their children. Sometimes what works for one child doesn’t work for its sibling. My course is innovative and it’s important – there is a massive amount of information about parenting out there but this is about clearing past patterns and conditioning, and awakening your personal inner strengths, whilst giving guidelines you can choose to adopt.”

Describing the sessions as firmly structured, Sharon leads the group through a series of common themes, holding space individually for each participant to feel protected and safe when dealing with their own issues. This is important – bringing your real-life issues to the workshop is essential to facilitate change within your family relationships. “It’s not an open discussion,” says Sharon. “We work on identifying the negative, and then give the parents a positive antidote to work on in the form of a practical homework exercise. When they come back to the next session and deconstruct the experience, parents gain great confidence in seeing how these things work. It’s fun and intensive at the same time.”

While parents may feel alone and struggling, children express themselves through their bodies and Sharon says many of her clients present with issues such as (but not limited to) children being hyperactive, disruptive, in trouble at school, sibling jealousy, bed wetting and recurring illnesses. “I give parents the tools and perspective to step back from this deeply personal situation and discover the root cause of what their child is suffering from.” Being able to look at a child’s non-verbal language beyond face value, using their inner eye and their heart can contribute to solving much deeper issues. Addressing parents’ own longstanding relationships to authority also allows for a deeper sense of clarity when it comes to discipline and communication.

By the end of the course, participants will feel free of self-doubt and questioning, feeling much more confident in themselves as their relationships with their children becoming stronger, clearer and lighter. “I’d like parents to know they can be happy,” Sharon concludes. “Parenting can be a source of happiness, not worry. This course is here to lighten the load.”

For business owners, leaders, partners, managers, middle managers, entrepreneurs and chefs, Sharon has devised a series of mini-courses to be held throughout the month of March at hip co-working space The Hub in Santa Eulalia, before the launch of a new Healthy Hierachy in-depth course in the following months. By delving into your own relationship with authority, deconstructing your dreams, analysing your current experience and reality, you can start to move forward in your business while feeling free and in control.

1. The Personal Side of Business. Friday March 2, 2018, 5pm . FREE
2. Balancing Family and Work. Wednesday March 14, 2018, 10am. 70€
3. Holding your Dream while Paying the Bills.
Wednesday March 21, 2018, 10am. 70€.
4. Authority – The Key.
Wednesday March 28, 2018, 10am. 70€

The first session is a free talk taking place on Friday March 2, 2018 at 5pm called The Personal Side of Business. This workshop is an introduction to Sharon’s services plus a taster of the transformational power we all hold in our businesses – if any of the above has piqued your interest, don’t miss the chance to learn more about how to make business work for you. “Business can be like a family,” says Sharon. “It’s tricky when you’re feeling the pressure of holding authority and inspiring loyalty, while thinking about the demands and needs of your employees plus your own dreams.”

The second course is entitled Balancing Family and Work and will be held on Wednesday March 14, 2018 between 10am and 1pm, at a cost of 70€ per person. No matter where you are in the world, finding equilibrium is a huge issue and paramount to your success. Sharon leads guests towards finding a new balance, as opposed to feeling as though you are walking on a tightrope all the time. “As much as people can say to themselves that they are keeping the two separate, it simply doesn’t happen,” explains Sharon. “They might keep figures separate, or information separate, but what you cannot separate it what it does within you. There is a way to not dump on onto the other – it’s what I call inner ecology.”

On Wednesday March 21, 2018, Sharon hosts the Holding your Dream while Paying the Bills workshop between 10am and 1pm – an invaluable asset to anyone who may feel as though the nitty gritty of daily work schedules and stress is causing their original dream of a business to slip away. When this happens, people inevitably find their overall health suffering – emotional, mental and physical – and when you’re not healthy, your business will suffer. Sharon addresses how to revitalise and revamp your dream, for 70€ per person. “What it’s about is – am I being true to myself and my dream? Or am I being true to my business if I continue in this manner? Am I trying to run faster, ahead of a disaster, just to reach a financial goal?” says Sharon. “Sometimes reality hits and it’s hard to keep a dream alive.”

The final introductory course takes place on Wednesday March 28, 2018 between 10am and 1pm and also costs 70€ per person. Authority – The Key is about readjusting your relationships with authority and autonomy – maintaining it, receiving it, lacking it – to benefit your business in the long run. “Authority is a big issue and most people either over or under compensate for it,” says Sharon. “We look at how you bring your authority across – what does your voice sound like, what is your body language like. This is what your workers receive on a daily basis and it’s important to sort it out.”

For those looking to work more intensively with Sharon, the future Healthy Hierachy course deals with all of the above and many other core issues, using your day-to-day business experiences as material to help transform your life on all levels. Spring is the perfect time to get equipped with the tools you need to feel stronger just before the fast-paced nature of the summer season begins. “I believe we can all be good business people and keep our values,” Sharon says. “That’s what’s needed to change our world. They say money makes the world go around, but it’s really the heart. My mission, and my hope is to bring the two together.”