Wild Beets

Wild Beets in Santa Gertrudis is the real deal, dedicated to creating nutrient-rich cuisine based on scientific evidence that looks and tastes great.

Wild Beets is a thriving island institution, and community of like-minded people with a desire to make ethical and conscious choices. At Wild Beets, eating healthily and ethically is simple. Just leave it up to founder Cliff Grubin and his team to create a cruelty and fad-free zone full of sumptuous dishes calibrated for maximum colour, flavour and nutrients.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and snacks – every step follows Wild Beets’ strict protocols. Organic, fresh, and chemical and cruelty-free – all the produce at Wild Beets is carefully vetted. Even the drinking water is deep-cleansed and re-mineralised for maximum benefit. The plant-based healthy menu starts with breakfasts such as blueberry porridge with omega seed mix or gluten-free toast topped with smoked ‘no salmon’ and cream cheese.

For lunch at this Ibiza healthy eating hotspot, beetroot gazpacho or lentil and lime soup is great for summer while the superfood salad or the summer wrap will fill you that little bit more. The dinner menu at Wild Beets is always hard to choose from, so go with friends and order to share. The 3 Sisters quesadilla, shiitake meatless balls, the famous veggie burger or chili con tempeh and polenta all hit the spot and are great for sharing (or not!).

The Wild Beets empire started with the island’s first juice bar on Benirrás beach. Sejuiced has now uprooted, becoming a travelling juice emporium criss-crossing Europe and touching down at events, festivals and parties along the way. Keep an eye out for its distinctive pink van. Meanwhile, Wild Beets is well-known for cold-pressed juices with additional boosters and elixirs at the healthy eating cafe, as well as iPurify, a cold-press juice cleansing system for home delivery or pickup. The range of cleanses covers all types of goals in addition to bespoke service.

In a world of green-washing and short-lived trends, Wild Beets never strays from the integrity of their ethical foundations. The result is vibrant, tasty and satisfying, never compromising your health or your conscience. Wild Beets is the real deal.

Address: Carrer Venda de Can Llàtzer 9, Santa Gertrudis View on a map
Telephone: +34 971 19 78 70
Email: [email protected]
Website: wildbeets.com