Ibiza holidays

Hidden holidays in the heart of Ibiza

Experience authentic island hospitality at Can Lluc, a luxuriously laid-back Agroturismo in the heart a secluded San Rafael valley

As the island emerges from its extended hibernation, our airports and ports once again welcome guests from around the world. The travel restrictions may be over, however Ibiza lovers are still seeking seclusion, safety and solitude – and luxurious Agroturismo Can Lluc, in the lush green heart of the island, has all of this in droves.

Photos: Sayana Cairo

One of the most amazing things about Ibiza is just how close everything on the island really is. At 45 kilometres in length, to drive from the most northern to the most southern point of the island is extremely fast – faster than most people’s daily city commutes – and even to a seasoned local, it’s still quite surprising how much secluded countryside and how many hidden valleys are tucked away within the landscape along the way. When you hit the centre of the island, just a few minutes’ drive from the highway that connects all routes together, follow the signs down a winding camino and up over an olive grove hill to discover the magical family estate, Can Lluc – an Ibiza Agroturismo that welcomes guests from all over the world to experience authentic, Ibicenco hospitality and style.

The hotel – once the family’s farmhouse – was transformed into its current incarnation by a husband and wife team whose backgrounds couldn’t be further from hospitality back when they started, but whose love for life as hoteliers can no longer be surpassed. Owner Lucas Prats (the grandson of the property’s original owners) is actually a lawyer by trade, and for him, Can Lluc has been a 20-year labour of love. Over those two decades, the Agroturismo has expanded from the rooms within the finca, into a splendid 20-room boutique rural hotel. With a genuine passion for the island and its natural environment, coupled with the desire to share that combination with guests, the Can Lluc family project has delivered much satisfaction and success to Lucas and his wife Tina. Most recently, the hotel received recognition from the renowned boutique rural hotel website guide, Rusticae, in the Best International Product category for 2019.

Back in 2000, when Lucas and Tina made the decision to renovate the finca, there was no running water or electricity on the property. Armed with just a vision of its future potential, the couple set out to develop the family farmhouse step-by-step, firstly converting the two bedrooms in the main house, followed by the stables and storehouses, and with the later addition of six independent deluxe suites across the grounds, “In the beginning I resisted,’ admits Tina, looking back on the Can Lluc project. ‘We had young children at the time and it was a lot of work to take on, but then… I fell in love with the project too. The truth is, it’s very gratifying to be here, and so satisfying, because you meet lots of people, and you see that you are making them happy. You are sharing something that is yours and you want your guests to love it as much as you do.”

The personal touches throughout Can Lluc, in addition to its welcoming family atmosphere is certainly what attracts so many satisfied customers to return year after year. Aside from the all the luxurious elements you’d expect of a high-end hotel – think high quality bed linens, deluxe minibars, deep soal bathtubs with massage features, coffee machines and Smart TVs in every room – there is also a more relaxed and laid-back feel to the Agroturismo that truly allows clients to make themselves feel at home. Guests are encouraged to set their own schedules, in line with whatever their personal vision of a dream holiday encompasses – for example, if you’re a night owl and/or a late sleeper, there’s always somebody on hand to find you a breakfast if you find you’ve slept in past midday at Can Lluc.

Sleeping, resting and relaxing is almost always the order of the day for anyone staying at Can Lluc. Many of the hotel’s guests first discovered Ibiza in their partying 20s, and now return to the island looking for peace and tranquility – often with children on board too. Even pets are welcomed at Can Lluc – after all, man’s best friend is an important member of your family and deserves a holiday too! The careful and very clever configuration of rooms means that none of the guests are overlooking anyone else, and all of the premier suites even come with their own private gardens, complete with daybeds and outdoor showers for the ultimate in discretion and privacy. Set amongst the olives trees and palms a little further away from the older buildings, there is an expansive feel to the entire property, where gardens provide solitude and isolation when needed, with little walkways created leading to rooms or out into the campo.

Covering over ten hectares of land, the olive groves of the estate are continually being restored, and Can Lluc now produces its own olive oil – served in the restaurant, and occasionally given away as gifts to a lucky guest or two. A gently sloping footpath to the rear of the buildings leads up to a perfect spot for viewing the entire valley and beyond at dusk (or any time of the day, really!). After Tina discovered guests were heading up that way to watch sunset on their own accord, she added a Balinese bed to the top of the hill, creating a romantic viewpoint which looks out to sea over the bay of Cala Conta, just right for catching that uniquely Balearic experience, preferably over a bottle of chilled bubbly for two, which the restaurant is only too happy to supply.

Guests at Can Lluc can choose between the poolside chiringuito, or the breakfast terrace, or room service for private dining during their stay, but the in-house restaurant is a destination in itself when it comes to finding the freshest and natural ingredients, lovingly prepared using locally sourced produce as far as possible. With an indoor and outdoor terrace space, it’s a great choice for weddings, events or special occasions too. An ever evolving menu makes the most of the local seasonal harvests and dining beneath the stars is the kind of relaxed and welcoming ambience that Can Lluc has built its reputation on.

Set even further back from the stables, Can Lluc also offers a private family villa that sleeps up to five people, with its own kitchen, living and dining room and the same hotel facilities as the rooms or suites. A guest-only wellness spa with sauna, Jacuzzi and massage area is also tucked amongst the trees below the swimming pool. With so many great facilities, and so much space to accommodate guests without ever feeling crowded, it’s no wonder Can Lluc is so popular with holidaymakers, families, corporate retreats, and wedding parties alike. The authentic magic of Ibiza, tucked into a valley only moments away from its most popular beaches, villages and towns, this Agroturismo exactly sums up why so many of people from around the world are in love with this island: pure and simple perfection.