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Hidden paradise

Raco Ibiza is an oasis of indulgence

Hidden in the wilds of the island’s centre near San Rafael, Raco Ibiza is an oasis of indulgence that feels like a secret clubhouse for Ibiza grown-ups.

There are very few spots on the island that still feel like a secret. Other than uninhabited coves you need to hike or boat to, it seems that all corners of Ibiza have been discovered, designed and filled with a roster of DJs. But, there is still one destination that remains a little slice of how Ibiza used to be, back in the day. Yep, the good old days. Raco Ibiza is one-part restaurant, one-part bar and one-part private members club, and a little slice of paradise in the heart of the island. Hidden in the wilds of San Rafael, just moments away from the village but a million miles away from the frenzied vibes happening elsewhere, it is a true haven for those seeking to be far from the madding crowds.

At first, driving through a rural area, past a horse racing hippodrome and along a winding country road, you feel like you may be getting lost until suddenly, a large boulder painted with glittering gold letters spelling out Raco Ibiza looms large out of the foliage. Above it is a metal globe sculpture surrounded by flags of the world – a testament to the ethos that all are welcome here. An arched entrance opens to a grown-up playground that could be straight out of the pages of Alice in Wonderland. There is croquet and petanque, plus table tennis, billiards and darts laid out over quirky nooks and lush lawns. Rustic wooden cabanas house a juice bar, a coffee bar and, of course, a regular bar where the cocktails are sublime and always served with a smile.

There’s a feeling of eco-chic around the grounds of Raco Ibiza. Days spent lazing by the pool over breakfast accompanied with a freshly squeezed juice is the epitome of laid-back island life. Just a few hours later, the lunch menu consists of Mediterranean classics and global favourites. Hunker down with a friend and enjoy the seafood frito mixto with tartare sauce and a three-dip plate with guacamole, pea hummus and babaganhoush with a side of edamame. Then slipping into cocktail hour is a natural phenomenon and likely to induce intense feelings of euphoria.

Other culinary delights on the Raco Ibiza menu include a trio del mar featuring ceviche, octopus with olive sauce, and garlic prawns. A classic Caesar Salad is a go-to classic lunch choice but it is also hard to resist the fresh Burrata with three kinds of tomatoes drizzled in pesto – so why not order both? The Bali-style sea bass comes with rice, pak choi and pico de gallo while the Raco Ibiza version of a club sandwich and chips delivers a naughty-but-tasty punch. Bowls include a salmon poke and a bibimbap – an Korean cornucopia of rice, vegetables grilled steak and kimchi topped with a poached egg. Hearty, healthy and delicious.

There may not be a sea view at Raco Ibiza but the all the inner tranquilly of Ibiza is felt dancing over the breeze as it glides through the surrounding forest and over the treetops. It has become the perfect post or pre-work stop-off point for locals, island-wide in summer – a place they can catch up and connect without any chaos. Raco Ibiza is beloved by residents for its inclusive vibe and hidden location, but absolutely everyone is welcome. It really is the place for those in the know, attracting the fresh-faced young guns wishing to fly under the radar and leave the VIP behind. This place is all about being comfortable; judgement is left firmly at the door.

Raco Ibiza is ideal for catching up with friends, hanging out with your lover or just some solo time to yourself, letting all your stress and worries slip away on the breeze. You can be guaranteed a peaceful ambience thanks to a no kids policy and the gentle soundtrack means recharging your energies is a cinch. Grab a buddy or grab a book, and nab a sunbed, hammock or table beneath the shade for the ultimate in Ibiza style relaxation. As the sun descends, allow your body and soul to melt away into bliss.

Events are somewhat of a speciality at Raco Ibiza, with all or parts of the property available for private gatherings. Low-key birthday celebrations, anniversary cocktails, pre or post-wedding barbecues – whatever your occasion, Raco Ibiza has the right combination of venue, food and drinks. True to its nature, things are kept simple yet stylish, relaxed and cool, and the warm and welcoming team are on hand to assist in creating an unforgettable experience.

Completely unique to the island scene, Raco Ibiza delivers a sensibility rarely found on in Ibiza these days. Tranquil, easy-going and unpretentious, the atmosphere harks back to an earlier era where island life was about connecting with friends, rejoicing in simple pleasures and staying in the present. This secret oasis is the ideal location to step out of the rat race and into pure relaxation – but shh! Let’s keep that our little secret.

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