Ibiza boats: Water sports adventures

When planning your Ibiza holiday itinerary, chartering a boat is a given these days. Who doesn’t want to join the glamorous fleet of luxury vessels cruising across to Formentera every day?

If you’re looking to add some more excitement to your boat trip, upgrade the experience to include water sports equipment – ideal for any teens or even bigger ‘kids’ onboard, the addition of a Jet Ski, Seabob, Flyboard or Wakeboard turns a standard day at sea into a full-throttle, on-water adventure. For those looking for something with a little less torque, funky and fun inflatables or SUP boards can also be arranged – perfectly suited to the still waters of Ibiza and Formentera on a hot summer day.

Jet Ski


Following on from waterskis, Jet Skis became been the high speed star of the watersports arena from the very first moment they were introduced in the early 70s. Originally considered a playboy’s toy, they’d be seen on television shows like Miami Vice and Baywatch and then over time, made their way into the luxury boat charter world. Today’s Jet Skis are slick, high-powered personal watercrafts that cut sharply through the sea, bounce over the waves with two passengers – hiring two or more makes for a competitive afternoon on the water. Different sized vessels are available for different levels of experience – larger models require a license to ride.

The Seabob is one of the most popular water toys on the market and adding one or two to your charter adds an entirely new element of fun. Ergonomically designed to be hugged to your body, this lightweight, high-performance piece of equipment turns you into a mermaid or a high-speed diver in seconds. Whether you’re whizzing around the boat or using it to dive deep into the sea (with cut-off safety functions installed that ensure you never go to a dangerous level), the Seabob can be set at different speeds and is easy to handle, meaning kids can use it safely too. Strap a GoPro to the device for the ultimate video souvenir.



When it comes to surfing, the sad fact of the matter in Ibiza is that our waters are simply to calm and flat to carve up – unless you’re dedicated enough to wait for winter or one of those crazy mid-summer storms of course. When you’re on holiday of course, this isn’t an option so Wakeboarding is the next best thing. A hybrid of snowboard, surfboard and water skiis, wakeboards are towed behind your boat at high speed, using the wake created by the vessel as an artificial wave. There are plenty of tricks to be learnt and the crystal clear Formentera water is the ideal place to practice.

Some people want to go underwater, some want to skim the water’s surface, other people want to rise above and the Flyboard offers you a true rocket man (or woman!) experience. Imagine yourself as a superhero as you rise majestically from the water using high-pressure water jet boots that propel you upwards to ten metres above sea level. With experienced instructors on hand to show you the ropes, you can ultimately learn to steer yourself and even perform tricks if you’ve got the knack for it. A guaranteed way to turn heads and one of the most high-tech water toys on the market.

SUP board


The popularity of Stand Up Paddleboarding has increased dramatically in recent years and the tranquil waters of Ibiza and Formentera provide the ideal place to learn, practice and play. With zero experience required, it’s easy to pick up and while it looks quite simple, the practice is a fun, full-body workout and adds an extra dimension to your beach and boat day. Yogis will love the opportunity to practice on a floating board, while kids love the challenge of manoeuvring their way around the boat or racing their friends and siblings to shore. Even pet pooches have been seen accompanying their owners on a SUP.

Not everyone wants a full-throttle adventure in Formentera, and the current trend for colourful and quirky inflatables means you can spend more time on the water without exerting your energy swimming or treading water! From flamingos, swans and unicorns to pizza slices, pineapples, watermelons, iced donuts and much, much more, inflatables have come a long way since the stock-standard lilos of the 90s. Tie your giant inflatables to the back of the boat to ensure you don’t get taken out on the tide when other boats cruise past, and just kick back, sip cocktails and work on your tan. Why should the thrill seekers have all the fun?

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