Ibiza hotels: Cas Gasi – Where winter fire burns bright

Ibiza in summer is a sight to behold. Famous for glamorous beaches, luxury lounging around, yachting across the glittering Med, long lunches and even longer dinners… anyone who’s holidayed here in summer knows all this and more. But those on the inside know Ibiza in winter is pure, unadulterated magic.

While the rest of Europe shivers under a blanket of snow topped with a sheet of icy sleet, Ibiza is basking under bright blue skies and crisp clean air. Things may be quieter (no traffic! easy restaurant reservations!) but there is one place where the light has always shone right through the winter: luxury Ibiza Agroturismo Cas Gasi. With year-round direct flights from all over the mainland and Europe including Paris, London, Milan, Geneva, Amsterdam and Eindhoven, it’s now easier than ever to treat yourself to a mid-winter holiday at the island’s premiere boutique hotel.

Surrounded by lush gardens and forests, Cas Gasi has been a beacon of elegant comfort since its inception. Summer sees guests lounging poolside after yoga, sipping freshly pressed juices, taking jaunts over to Formentera and organising their moves from the home base of Cas Gasi, strategically located in the centre of the island. In winter the hotel really takes on a homely feel – which makes sense, as it was once the owners’ beloved family home!

The huge fireplace warms the living room’s plush sofas and invites guests to enjoy the hotel’s library – perfect for cosying up with any number of the cool coffee table books or literary classics with a hot drink, cocktail or bottle of wine. Quiet and soothing, Cas Gasi in winter is entirely heart warming, as some guests come and stay a week or more, and others escape for a long weekend. It’s the perfect time of year to connect with oneself or loved ones, to create wonderful memories with each other in this charming yet sophisticated location.

The delicate scent of artisan baking tends to waft out of the home kitchen and fill the main house with mouthwatering hints of shortbreads and cakes. The exclusive in-house restaurant maintains its regular menu throughout the winter with the addition of seasonal delicacies such as locally foraged mushrooms and winter root vegetables plucked directly from the Cas Gasi organic vegetable garden, not to mention game season when local pheasant features as speciality of the house.

While eating is obviously a major pastime for most travellers, it’s lucky that the Cas Gasi gym and spa remain fully operational. There is nothing like a long soak in the Jacuzzi followed by a sauna session and a pre-booked spa treatment after a day of island exploring… or even just a day of nothing much at all!

Enjoying Ibiza in winter is a delight. Walks through the pristine forest, bike rides to the local villages, strolls along deserted beaches and coves under a winter sun fill the heart with romance and calm. And coming home to Cas Gasi at the end of the day is like returning to a picturesque sanctuary. Under-floor heating creates a cosy companion to the open fire. The cinema room and vast selection of classic films, the signature Cas Gasi soundtrack of smooth jazz, breakfasts brought to your room, afternoon wine tastings, a private dinner or a feast with friends – spend your days and evenings exactly as you wish.

December sees the island come alive with the arrival of a loyal international crowd to share in its annual Christmas and New Year celebrations. As they say, it’s the most wonderful time of the year! Lights are strung, the markets and shops are packed with people, parties are hosted and good cheer fills the towns and villages. The perfect antidote to the greyness of a cruel winter elsewhere, an off-season stay at Cas Gasi is a simply magical experience – the perfect gift to yourself or to your loved ones this Christmas!

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