IbizaEventz – From beer to babies and beyond!


Boasting an international client base, an expert team hailing from all over Europe and the very finest on-island services in the business, IbizaEventz are Ibiza’s go-to-source when it comes to creating events of all sizes. From huge corporate weekenders for clients like Heineken, to intimate customised baby showers, anything and everything is possible.

In fact, IbizaEventz founders Nathalie Moser and Denise van Alphen thrive on making the impossible possible.

The duo recently launched a new international company called BRNDRZ, servicing the rest of Europe – based in Holland, but rapidly expanding to include Barcelona and Madrid with a view to New York and Dubai later in the year. – where they apply their events-based expertise to any occasion, alongside some of the world’s leading events specialists. From organising events – from concept to completion – and creating media content, event registration, videography, creating social media content, the BRNDRZ philosophy is that ‘no is never an answer’.


Here on the island, the team continues to operate under the IbizaEventz moniker, but can draw on the BRNDRZ team experience and network at any time. Attention to detail and a passion for their work is the key to their success, with as much dedication and effort given to intimate events – as small as private engagement proposals for a couple or backyard barbecues – as to corporate affairs, such as the Heineken International weekend and Corona Sunsets filming support or a feature (most recently Iggy Pop’s movie project in Ibiza) or television commercial production or private villa parties and high end weddings.

IbizaEventz, Ibiza event planners

From two people to 2000, any event can be customised to suit your brief, including music, entertainment, decor, catering, lighting and much more. With dedicated set designers, event producers, film specialists and a professional production crew, your dreams become reality. There are no limits (apart from your imagination) – events can be created to suit all budgets, in any time scale and in any location. All you have to do is ask…

Watch the IbizaEventz team in action below.

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