Iconic Ibiza beaches: Cala Bassa

In these frantic, frenzied days, it’s no surprise we look to yesteryear for wistful comfort. We shut out the present to lament the glories of the past, pondering how things were slower back then – peaceful, more refined. We try to still our minds but we’re simultaneously forced forward with the same relentless speed as that inexplicable thing called time, with little opportunity to stop and reflect. And yet, when we’re in nature, a paradoxical hush seems to descend. The rustle of leaves and the gentle slosh of waves calms our mind until we’re nudged to acknowledge the current moment. And this, in part, explains the eternal appeal of beaches like Cala Bassa.

Such is the beauty of this stunning little cove that it ignites something mystifying within your soul. Set eyes on this stretch of western coastline and all stresses and strains disappear into the ether, instead replaced by a sense of total ease – a feeling of being completely at one with your surroundings. And that’s strange in a way because the exquisiteness of nature’s tapestry here is almost otherworldly. The finest white sand is caressed by the clearest aquamarine water, woven together by red-rocked land and the gnarled, ancient branches of 1000-year old juniper trees, home to chirruping cicadas, snuffling hedgehogs and all manner of whimsical wildlife.

Ten years ago, if you’d visited Cala Bassa back then, this is the picture perfect scene you would have discovered. But of course such striking beauty never stays undetected forever and in the end, isn’t the point of all beauty to be adored? And so now Cala Bassa pips the post for, possibly, Ibiza’s most popular beach and while its grace and charm remains in abundance, it’s an altogether different beast of late. Not solely used for the purposes of connecting with a deeper essence, these days it’s a pleasure palace for those looking to source sun-drenched good times.

It’s testament to Cala Bassa’s character that it hasn’t bowed under all that pressure. Because with fame comes notoriety, and perhaps a lesser beach wouldn’t have been able to function under the burden of thousands upon thousands of expectant pairs of eyes each summer, arriving by bus, car and boat. But it remains poised in the face of recognition, and instead of diminishing has risen to the challenge. This is a beach where you can swim, snorkel and splash around in the crystalline, unclouded shallows; it’s a sandy bay where you can jetski, ride pedalos and crash clumsily into the Med from a bright yellow, inflatable banana boat.

In fact, there’s something here for everyone. Parents with little ones cherish the calm, safe waters and miniature saltwater lake that’s collected to the right of the main beach, adventurers can’t get enough of the craggy, moon-like caves, coves and hiking trails found at either end of the shoreline, and revellers who arrive by boat can’t wait to swim to land before leaping off a rock face and returning to the vessel they sailed up in. Designers showcase their fashions, vendors crawl along selling fresh fruit and beers, and sun-worshippers hang off of day beds – Cala Bassa has become a hive of activity painted on a canvas of unchanging, deep-rooted beauty.

Naturally, the arrival of Cala Bassa Beach Club played a huge role in the completion of this transformation. A complex of bars and restaurants that spans the entire length of the beach, it provides a place to drink and dine that suits every mood. From casual beach snacks to sunset cocktails, laid-back, hearty lunches and fine dining by fairylight, this place is the king of coastal offerings. Music too, floats out from myriad speakers, controlling the atmosphere beachside with the effortless motion of a wizard wielding a wand.

And so it becomes ever more clear that it’s as hard to contain progress and it is to curb wandering thoughts. But when the temptation to look back becomes overwhelming, it’s worth remembering that the seedlings of memories aren’t so far in the distant past. To seek them out, come at daybreak and meander through the trees, listening intently to the gentle mumble of nature. Come once everyone’s packed up and the sun is setting, turning the sky into a mesmerising mish-mash of candy floss colours. Come at night when the moonlight illuminates the ocean. Come and appreciate the enduring constancy. Come and just be still. Be still.