Iconic Ibiza beaches: Cala Jondal

There are some spots in the world where magic simply simmers. These places are hard to unearth – sometimes it can just be a feeling that you’re chasing rather than a distinct destination – but ultimately, that’s what makes it even more special when you reach it. Because when you arrive – finally – you’re enveloped in a feeling that leaps from beneath your skin, rises up through your bones and sizzles into goosebumps. It sets off a chemical chain reaction that leads to anywhere, anything, anyone – it’s intoxicating. This is why free-spirited souls continue to be drawn to Ibiza, and why Cala Jondal is often where you find them, bathing in the essence of every searingly hot summer.

Ask anyone who’s ever been to Cala Jondal and they’ll tell you that there’s an almost dreamlike quality suspended in the salty sea air. Red-tinged, towering cliffs that glow in the presence of sunlight, fragrant pine trees that hum with the rhythmic song of cicadas, and a never-ending expanse of cloudless blue sky provide the backdrop, while dove-hued grey pebbles – codols in Spanish – and sparkling cerulean waters combine at ground level to create an enchantingly tactile reality. Here is a place where losing yourself to the wild side is a cinch – after all, even the wholesomely virtuous would struggle not to corrupt such an unsullied scene.

But of course, back in Ibiza’s bohemian heyday, it wasn’t the pious who made a beeline for Cala Jondal and the open-air venues that dotted the shoreline like the original Jockey Club – even then, it was a haven for hedonists. Laid-back, easy going characters would seek out the coast in the run-up and aftermath of iconic parties, in search of nothing but somewhere to continue the mischief – a place where like-minded people could convene and dance with the sun on their faces and the sound of the sea in the distance. It was a golden era, a time defined by optimism and idealism, a time when freedom was the most valuable commodity.

In fact, in the past, even Blue Marlin – now one of Cala Jondal’s most famously extravagant beach clubs – was renowned for its no-holds-barred, free spirited approach to partying. Groups would descend in their hundreds after decadent days and nights spent on the dance floor at DC-10, and when it was all over, they’d head to Blue Marlin, where the party would continue long into the following day, or night, or day – essentially no one knew. You can count on the fact that everyone was too lost in the moment to keep track.

These days, Blue Marlin has tipped towards the more luxurious end of the scale, and with that transformation an entirely different crowd now peppers Cala Jondal – albeit one that’s equally as up for a party. Ready mixed drinks from makeshift cups have been replaced by magnums of champagne, traditional llaüts are now joined by superyachts anchoring just offshore, and an overriding sense of affluence is palpable, but you don’t need to look far to discover that original vibrant spirit – Cala Jondal was and will always be a hotspot in which the young, beautiful and carefree can get their kicks.

That being said, it’s still a beach adored by locals. It’s no surprise really, given the area’s stunning natural beauty and recognition as a conservation area. Often, island natives frequent the northern, sandier end of the beach with toddlers in tow and bags fit to burst with delicious picnics. Alternatively, they opt for long, lazy lunches with friends and family at one of the more chilled out chiringuitos like Tropicana with its rustic raffia parasols or Yemanja, one of the best places on the island to sample freshly grilled fish and seafood (and with the temptations of Blue Marlin just a few sandy footsteps next door should the urge to dance strike after lunch).

Whoever you are and wherever you’ve come from, spend any time at Cala Jondal and you can’t fight the feeling that perhaps, just maybe, you’re on the cusp of something momentous. Because while its magnificent charms may appear obvious, there’s more to this stretch of coastline than meets the eye – here, opportunity and fortuity await. At this beach, the sun may set just out of sight, but it still leaves a spectacular array of pastels flushed across the sky. Look closer, delve deeper, and the wizardry is sure to unfold.