Ibiza hotels: Los Enamorados – Cornucopia of colour

There are very few places left in Ibiza where one can feel as though they’ve stumbled onto something undiscovered. Where time stands still, and the island’s authentic bohemian essence and true sense of freedom remain preserved. Portinatx, the northernmost tip of the island, is one such place and the jewel in its glittering crown is boutique Ibiza hotel Los Enamorados.

At first glance, the stylish setting appears as though it has been untouched since the building’s inception in 1964, yet on closer inspection, each and every item – from the glossy tiled walls and colourful handmade crockery to urban designer lighting – has been hand selected to evoke an overall feeling of vintage chic, while standards of luxury remain strictly in the present.

A museum of curiosities, a showroom of contemporary design and a home away from home, Los Enamorados is a place to disconnect from the world.

The beautiful brainchild of Pierre Travesier and Rozemarijn de Witte – a former basketball player and lifestyle magazine editor with a passion for collecting curio from around the globe – Los Enamorados pays testament to their impeccable taste and unwavering vision. The concept is an expansion of their lifestyle: with a home in Ibiza Pierre describes as ‘too big’ for just the two of them, they would constantly play host to friends and family. When the search for a loft uncovered an old seafront building in the island’s north, it became instantly apparent to the couple that they could recreate and share their home life on a larger, more professional scale.

No architectural details were changed during the property’s remodel, with Pierre and Rozemarijn seeing beauty beyond its structural aesthetic, set atop romantic, ancient fishing boat houses. Choosing to honour its design rather than try and transform the large open spaces, they stripped back paint to allow the original concrete finishes to shine as a design detail – perfect in its imperfections. With just nine rooms – motel-esque, accessed via one long corridor on the hotel’s first floor – Los Enamorados feels intimate, like the private home of a well-travelled friend.

Colour and texture are in abundance throughout Los Enamorados, a detail Pierre attributes to his Caribbean childhood. You will never find all-white sheets, clinical bathrooms or crystal clear glassware within his projects, or indeed, his own home. For Pierre and Rosemarijn, colour is life. Each bedroom is imbibed with its own character, decorated in a rich palette of earthy colours inspired by the surroundings: rust-red, burnt orange, dark turquoise, mustard yellow, deep purple and emerald green.

Handmade, anti-allergy, triple mattress, all-natural Coco-mat beds were acquired to guarantee rejuvenation – be it after a 20-minute disco nap or a long overdue lie-in. Lighting can be dimmed or raised to suit your moods. Air conditioning units are carefully camouflaged behind hand-woven decorative covers – though the direct sea breeze from each north-facing balcony negates any overuse. Plush, low-slung sofas encourage further rest and relaxation. Bathrooms reveal further surprises, with every tile, sink and fixture hand-picked with its destination in mind.

One must truly be immersed to feel the authenticity of Los Enamorados – breathing the fresh, sea air, feeling the warmth of the golden Ibiza sun and tasting the flavours of its internationally inspired cuisine.

The spacious layout allowed Pierre and Rozemarijn to create a relaxed dining space and bar to allow non-staying guests to share in the Los Enamorados magic, for breakfast, lunch, dinner and everything in between. Self-confessed foodies who admit to travelling thousands of kilometres just to a try a certain homemade truffle pasta or for a renowned Poké bowl, their inspiration for the restaurant was not unlike that of the dwellings: to share their international tastes and love of fresh flavour with one and all.

After the search for the perfect chef introduced them to Alberto Pacheco, they took him on a gourmet tour of the globe as an induction into their world. It was not enough for him to research, or see photographs; he had to taste, in order to understand it and thus, the Los Enamorados menu plays homage to the owners’ international palates. Fresh oysters and ceviche sit alongside crispy prawn wontons and fried anchovies as starters, while mains include mouthwatering Peruvian chicken Anticucho, a Nikkei tuna burger, the much-loved Poké bowls and tacos. Cocktails too, are a must-try with twists on tradition and bespoke concoctions all made with love, preferably served in nature’s vessels such as pineapple husks and coconut shells.

A fabulous boutique showcases a range of fashion, homewares, art, beauty and more within a laidback, salon-like space where guests are also welcome to recline and soak up the spectacular sunset views. From custom-made Japanese kimonos, mint condition 1980s trainers, ethnic art and quirky Jonathan Adler ceramics to Moroccan rugs, French flea market finds and so much more. Lifelong collectors, the owners curate both the space – dubbed a boutique bazaar with rooms – without attachment (with the rare exception), sharing in the joy a client feels when they can take a piece of the magic home with them, and feeling their own thrill of the opportunity to bring in new pieces as replacements.

New discoveries jump out at every glance in Los Enamorados. Carefully curated corners may disappear overnight, after a guest falls in love with the way the chairs complement the tables and lamps ‘just so’, they can purchase them and have them shipped back to whatever part of the world they may hail from. Indeed, absolutely everything at Los Enamorados is for sale, with Pierre and Rozemarijn viewing the project as an ongoing evolution – a puzzle, just waiting for the next piece to be discovered and put in place. But the truth is, Los Enamorados is so much more than the sum of all its parts – it is a patchwork of perfection unlike anywhere else in Ibiza. A place that once discovered, is cherished forever. A place to return to, again and again and again…

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