Ibiza holidays: S.E. Yachting Special Edition Seabob F5S

Bobbing about on the azure waters of the Mediterranean is one of the summer’s most simple pleasures in Ibiza. The oppressive heat of the land and beaches is crisply washed away in the refreshing and sparkly waves, as days are comfortably whiled away in the energising sea. Dial the activity up a notch with a Seabob however, and the fun levels swiftly rise. Leaning over the ergonomic engine of this high intensity, iconic sea toy and selecting a power and speed to suit releases the inner child in everyone.

Luxury Ibiza yacht company S.E. Yachting know full well the popularity of the Seabob amongst their clients – whenever they’ve taken them aboard a cruise, people love them! Founded by James Blanchfield in 2002, the Santa Eulalia based company has been making marine dreams come true for 15 years this summer. Besides specialising in the sales of Princess Yachts and Chris Craft Boats, for this celebratory year they’ve designed a unique, Ibiza inspired Seabob collaboration which is now officially in stock for summer.

The S.E. Yachting 15th Anniversary Seabob is the ultimate high-performance boat toy for anyone looking for intense fun to add to their days on the high seas. The lightweight device comes in at just under 34kg, and is the perfect addition to any day cruiser or charter yacht, giving a whole new thrill to a little dip into the sea. The speed settings range from 10 to 100, meaning you can choose to go as fast or as slow as you feel comfortable on any given day.

Of course, some days are just crying out for a high-speed race, propelling yourself down to up to two metres underneath the crystal waters before jetting up swiftly for air (with a unique safety function ensuring this is as far as you can go underwater). It was based on their own experiences with the Seabob that inspired S.E.Yachting to approach the brand about a collaboration. “We thought about designing our own Seabob to give our clients an individual experience,” says James. “It means even when they leave the island, they can take a little piece of Ibiza with them. Seabobs are great fun and everyone should have (at least) one on board!”

Once the seed was sown, the team turned to the island for inspiration so the imagery of the iconic watercraft would instantly whisper (or shout!) Ibiza. They looked for the elements that define the island; those key ingredients visitors always want to take home with them. Echoing James’ desire for his clients, once the special edition Ibiza-inspired Seabob is in your collection, Ibiza will be with you wherever you and your boat may travel. It’s a fun and stylish reminder of the true essence of this very special and magical island.

The next phase for the S.E. Yachting crew was sending the finished design to the premium German company that makes Seabob, who were blown away with its unforgettable vibrancy. This collaboration is the first time the innovative manufacturers teamed up with S.E. Yachting for an exclusive product, and the sporty F5S model is the ideal fit – at home in the sea and with a high degree of manoeuvrability

The finished product is a stunning S.E. Yachting 15th Anniversary Seabob F5S, decked in the vibrant colours that characterise Ibiza life: blues and turquoise to symbolise the waters, plus bright strong magenta to help the vessel stand out against the sea. Local designers Alex and Dino from InMedia Design worked closely with James and his team to incorporate iconic island imagery including Dalt Vila, the globally recognised UNESCO World Heritage Listed Site, an island map (handy if you lose your bearings) and silhouetted palm trees. The pièce de résistance however, is a gorgeously seductive face; a Balearic beauty who smiles up at you once you’re in the driving position, accompanying you everywhere on your watery wanders.

The special edition S.E. Yachting 15th Anniversary Seabob F5S will be available with an on-board camera for selfies and videos, connecting to a Smartphone, so the fun can be instantly shared with friends, family and most likely, Facebook. It’s safe for kids (with supervision of course), with a diving limit and dynamic handling adjustable to suit the strength of the rider. The F5S comes with a longer battery life lasting for at least a couple of hours of interchanging with friends. Recharging can be done in 90 minutes, or you can just plug in overnight ready for the next day of activity.

Now exclusively on sale at S.E.Yachting’s stylish HQ in Santa Eulalia, you can expect to see S.E. Yachting 15th Anniversary Seabobs bobbing in and out of the waters from Cala Jondal to Formentera this summer and beyond. For an iconic luxury sea toy that is as stylish as it is fun, there could be no more perfect addition to your boating portfolio. It’s time to switch things up a gear out at sea.

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