Smart Charter Ibiza itinerary: West coast classics

While most people who jump aboard a yacht want the captain to take them to Formentera pronto, the beautiful island of Ibiza does indeed boast many other beautiful routes to take by boat, should you feel the desire to break from tradition! Smart Charter Ibiza head captain Alvaro says the west side of the island is every bit as stunning as a sail to the sister isle, and that seeing places like Es Vedra and Cala Conte from the water puts it into a totally new perspective. And that sunset experienced from a boat is an even more magical experience than you can imagine.

Here Alvaro talks us through some options for your dream day cruising the west coast, however Smart Charter Ibiza can also personalise itineraries to suit all ages and interests from family fun to adventure junkies, honeymooners, to party people, just sit back, relax and sail off into the sunset.

11am – All aboard!
Start your day early, so you can maximise the time spent at sea. You’ll be greeted by your Smart Charter Ibiza rep and introduced to your experienced captain before stepping on board your chosen vessel for the day and setting sail. You’ll cruise past many places you already know and love in Ibiza – from Es Cavallet and Salinas to Cala Jondal (wave to the VIPs at Blue Marlin!) and Es Torrent, before you arrive at your very first, and most exciting pitstop for the day, the mythical Atlantis…

12pm – Come on in, the water’s fine!
As mystical as Plato’s lost world, when the sun shines, it appears that a city has sunk beneath its waters. Opposite Es Vedra, Ibiza’s very own Atlantis is an ancient quarry, with deep geometric cuts outs, created by stones hewn to build defence structures on the island and further afield. Steep cliffs rise majestically out of the sea, with slippery rocks leading up to Torre de Savina, a distinguished defensive tower (but that’s for another day when you visit on foot). Difficult to get to by foot, without scrambling around like a mountain goat, let Smart Charter Ibiza smoothly sail in, and behold the spectacle, as you dive into the crystal clear waters, explore the quarry and soak up the amazing summer sun.

1pm – Myths and magic
The rock formation of Es Vedra is one of the most mystical places in the Balearics, and the only way to access this ancient rocky island is by private boat charter. There are no ferries and it’s way to far to swim from the shore. Myths of this magical rock abound; whilst it is not the third most magnetic place on earth, Alvaro assures us black mountain goats do haunt the rocky paths. Let your local and experienced Smart Charter captain moor up, and then explore the island by foot. For those looking for higher octane fun, the still waters surrounding Es Vedra are perfect for watersports – Smart Charter Ibiza can provide jet skis and seabobs – or simply relax on deck with a glass of cava, and look in wonder.

2pm – Luxe lunch
Once you’re done exploring, it’s time to look opposite ‘the rock’ and witness the splendour of the beach of Cala D’hort. Presiding at the bottom of a rolling green hill, just like the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, this is one of Ibiza’s most magical and laidback beaches. The perfect spot to eat lunch or dinner and take a step back to admire Es Vedra’s limestone formation from dry land. Let Smart Charter Ibiza skilfully tuck the boat into the cove and visit one of the captain’s (and many local’s) favourite spots – Es Boldado – a rustic seafood restaurant at the top of a cliff offering some of the finest paella in Ibiza with stunning views.

5pm – Chill time
Following lunch is the perfect time to visit another one of the captain’s favourite places. Located at the end of a ‘torrent’ of cleft in the hillside, Cala Moli is a secluded pebble beach whose natural beauty isn’t disturbed by sun loungers and parasols. Dip and dive in the water, try some snorkelling or just chill on the boat as it’s gently rocked by the current… this is the perfect time to work on your tan, top up your cava and generally just relax…

7pm – Cala Conta
The final hotspot on the west coast, marvel at crystal clear, turquoise waters, a rocky backdrop and fabulous views of the little islands dotted around the coast. Your Smart Charter Ibiza captain will manoeuvre into the perfect position for uninterrupted sunset views, before sailing back to the port where you can disembark and head off for your next Ibiza adventure. Alternatively, you can also go to shore at Cala Conta and continue the party at Sunset Ashram after sunset, with fab food and amazing cocktails, it’s the perfect place to finish you perfect west side story.