Smart Charter Ibiza – Overnight stays

If you’ve ever been to Formentera then you know that going for just one day is always a little disappointing. When the skipper turns to your group with that telltale look that says, “Sorry, folks time to head back,” you can’t help but revert back to childhood and yell “Nooooo! We don’t wanna go hoooome!” Well… the good news is, with a bit of forward planning and the help of Smart Charter Ibiza, you don’t have to!

Chartering a boat for more than the typical ‘full day’ (which is actually only eight hours) is the best way to get the most out of your time in Formentera and Ibiza. With a day to explore the beautiful and secluded coves of the white isle and then a night on the boat or in a luxury hotel on shore gives you a whole other day to discover Formentera, or vice versa. Or opt for two days in Formentera.

In fact, why limit it to just one night? A week sailing the turquoise waters between Ibiza and Formentera stopping in at shore whenever and wherever you want is most definitely an amazing way to holiday. Your boat becomes your luxury hotel kitted out with everything you need from butler service to Sea Bobs. The only traffic you might have to deal with is the odd dolphin. It is pure, unadulterated freedom.

Smart Charter Ibiza knows exactly how to arrange anything from a celebration to a discreet romantic moment. Everything is taken care of on overnight charters. Rooms are cleaned every morning like in any five star hotel, a butler is on hand to bring you snacks and drinks and fully operation kitchens and bars provide all the sustenance required to simply sit back and enjoy. Direct the route or let the skipper surprise you, the choice is yours.

If romance is on the cards imagine having a private chef prepare you a delectable dinner on the open water under the stars and then waking up to a fresh continental breakfast while the sun glistens invitingly across the water. Pure bliss. If its a party vibe then stop for dinner at any number of high-end places in Ibiza before heading to the club or back to the boat for a boogie before sailing off to the cleansing waters of Formentera as the sun rises followed by lunch at one of the island’s celebrated beach side restaurants. Of course, sunset with cocktails is a given, and there’s nothing quite like having the sea rock you to sleep afterwards, followed by the totally unique and remarkable experience of waking up in paradise.

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