Smart Charter Ibiza – Secrets of Formentera

One of the best things about Smart Charter Ibiza – aside from the obvious gliding along the open waves in the summer sun, on a luxury yacht or speedboat, cava in hand – is the team’s a first-hand knowledge of the island. Each chartered boat is manned by a crew member who is born and bred in Ibiza with intimate knowledge of the island – they know where to go, when to go and how to get there!

For a day of tranquil serenity, book a Smart Charter to the island of Formentera, Ibiza’s chilled out little sister and relax in bliss as the experienced team take care of everything. Thanks to a rare and protected seaweed, ‘Posidonia’, Formentera’s fairytale waters are protected and famed for their turquoise colour and crystal clear transparency.

“Formentera is even more beautiful than most of the islands in the Caribbean I’ve visited,” says Charlie Veale, owner of Smart Charter and intrepid sailor of the location for many ‘Caribbean’ movie filming scenes. “It’s a tropical paradise in the middle of the Mediterranean and has its own magic.”

For anyone interested in experiencing the magic, Charlie also possesses top secret knowledge of the very best places in Formentera – though he wouldn’t share many of them in print, he will share them with guests of Smart Charter, but as a taster, here are his five favourite locations.

Es Palmador
If Formentera is Ibiza’s chilled little sister, than Es Palmador is the Zen baby. A tiny desert island just before Formentera with nothing but a tiny Ibicenco house, white sand dunes and turquoise water. Linking Es Palmador to Formentera is a secret underwater sandbank with crystal clear waters, between ankle and waist height. Smart Charters’ luxury speedboats and yachts anchor half way between each island, so guests can stroll or swim ashore.

El Faro de Es Palmador
The lighthouse of Es Palmador stands proud in the perfect spot on this tiny island. The space near the island is so small, only three boats can anchor at a time – and the team at Smart Charter know just how to manoeuvre in and when to go to beat the rush.

Playa de Illetes
The hottest of hotspots, no trip to Formentera is complete without a trip to Illetes beach. Widely known as the most naturally beautiful beach on Formentera, white sand stretches as far as the eye can see into azure waters. A playground for the rich and famous and locals alike – this summer Seal was spotted shooting his new video there! It’s also home to the best fish restaurants on the island, try the local Rotja fish, sip on cava Sangria, and then hop aboard a private Smart Charter ready for the next destination.

Cala Saona
Situated on the West coast of Formentera, sheer cliffs and deep red rocks form the backdrop of this stunning horseshoe bay. Sheltered from the easterly winds, this cove is the epitome of chilled out bliss. Step off the boat into the completely still shallow water, warmed by the Mediterranean sun and let all your worries melt away. For those feeling more adventurous, the Cala Saona caves are hidden around the corner and a skilled Smart Charter captain will neatly tuck the luxury vessel inside. Step off, walk in and jump into the secluded pool below. A word of warning – the only exit is a James Bond style escape diving through the underwater tunnel below.

Es Calo
Tucked in a faraway corner, the sea at Es Calo is breathtakingly clear, with a small area of deep blue due to minerals in the rocks that reflect the light. “It’s the most turquoise spot on the island, with a lovely traditional restaurant, where all the locals go, which has remained unchanged in 40 years.” Charlie tells us, despite the fact he’s not quite a wise old man of 40 yet. And you just know he can get you the best table too!