Weekend reading: My Ibiza by Katrina Phillips – WHITE Ibiza Magazine

The pages of WHITE Ibiza Magazine reflect the beauty and enduring spirit of the island our team calls home, however we’re not the only ones! In our debut issue, we invited London-born, Ibiza-based interior designer (and natural born wordsmith) Katrina Phillips to share her thoughts on what Ibiza represents to her.

Like many artists when facing the chance to voice their own opinions, Katrina was torn between waxing lyrical about the essence of our island or taking the opportunity to declare intellectual war on the state of the earth. Ultimately, we convinced her to keep it local, and thus her ode to the island is a beautiful personal anecdote about a heaven and a haven, authenticity and anti-authoritarians, glory, glamour and above all, freedom.

To learn more about Katrina’s unique perspective on Ibiza, read ‘My Ibiza – By Katrina Phillips’ in the new edition of WHITE Ibiza Magazine – on sale now!

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