Weekend reading: The storyteller – Victoria Durrer-Gasse

In the first edition of WHITE Ibiza Magazine, Victoria Durrer-Gasse describes her career in textiles as a woven fairytale. Reluctant to describe herself as a fashion designer, though she is known around the world for her beautifully bohemian pieces, her colourful story crosses countries and continents before beginning its ever-unfolding chapters here in Ibiza.

From re-working her great-grandmother’s Edwardian lace tablecloths, hunting rare fabrics in exotic lands and working closely with respected NGOs in India and Nepal to finding inspiration in the solace of Ibiza in the colder months, Victoria puts her unique spin on everything she touches.

Read more about Victoria Durrer-Gasse’s inspirational life and work in the article ’The storyteller’ in the new edition of WHITE Ibiza Magazine – on sale now!

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