Weekend reading: Timeless simplicity – Can Benito

When Can Benito owner Francisco Dimmers decided to build a villa in Ibiza, he was inspired to replicate a classic farmhouse, turning spaces that would have been stables and annexes into living areas, bedrooms and terraces. In the debut issue of WHITE Ibiza Magazine, we discover how Dimmers saw beauty and harmony where other developers saw hard work and difficult issues.

Construction was unhurried, allowing Dimmers – who worked alongside Ibiza architect Amélia Molina on his passion project – the time to adhere to his strict eye for detail and faithfulness to tradition. Throughout the process he was known to follow builders and craftsmen as they completed their work, insistent on adding finishing touches by his own hand.

On an island where ostentation can be disturbingly prevalent, Can Benito is a beacon of sophistication. Read more about the design and creation of this incredible villa in the article ‘Timeless Simplicity’ in the new edition of WHITE Ibiza Magazine – on sale now!

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