Welcome to the first edition of WHITE

Our inspiration for this magazine was, quite simply, selfishly driven. We wanted to create a publication that was focused on Ibiza with a Mediterranean vibe and an international outlook, not theme-driven by the summer season or pop culture. One that was beautifully designed, timeless and sophisticated, aesthetically clean. A book to be treasured and referred to time and time again, not a glossy catalogue to be discarded once the holiday is over.

In short, we wanted to create a magazine we would like pick up and read ourselves.

Over the years we have strived to capture the beauty, lifestyle and spirit of Ibiza for well-travelled island aficionados and intrigued first-timers alike via our website. We see WHITE as a natural evolution from the website, a new platform that allows us to veer off the tourist track and delve deeper to the subjects we love, to meet more of Ibiza’s wonderfully creative inhabitants and to step inside some of the most extraordinary homes in Ibiza.

Our debut issue includes features on art, design, interiors, architecture, gastronomy, creativity and for those with a case of wanderlust beyond our Balearic shores, travel. We see WHITE as a celebration of the unique beauty and enduring spirit of the island we call home. We hope we’ve created a reading experience that will transport and inspire you, no matter where you pick it up.

Step into our world…

An exclusive collaboration with Ana Lui Photography