Sustainable sunsets

Cala Escondida at Cala Conta is the rock ravaged beach to the left of Sunset Ashram. The pop up chiringuito may look rustic but they do a mean cava sangria and the menu is mouth-watering. Cala Escondida also just happens to be the most environmentally sensitive and sustainable beach bar on Ibiza.

Its sage green wooden panelling bears testament to its eco status, with proud recycling bins and eco toilets that promise to dispose of waste as naturally and efficiently as possible. At the end of summer the whole establishment disappears without trace, let alone a carbon footprint.

The roof is half palm-lined and half solar panelled, keeping the beating sun at bay until the skies turn a hundred shades of pink over the island of Conillera. Drummers set a gentle but rising tempo until the sun dips behind the horizon and the sky scape gets even better.

Head to the left of Sunset Ashram and look for the steps leading down. A few fishermen’s huts provide the necessary picture postcard backdrop, with a sand and pebbly beach for swimming and sunbathing. Cala Escondida is one place you’ll want to keep under your sunhat.

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