Rock star sunsets

The beautiful beaches of the island’s west side truly are blessed, given that you can continue sunbathing and swimming right up until the very last moments before sunset – and the continued warmth means you can stay in the water, or at least in your swimsuit for even longer. Punta Galera is one such location, though technically not a beach, with stunning stone formations jutting out from the cliffs like large, flat shelves. It’s easy to see where its local nickname, ‘Flat Rocks’ comes from.

No frills, no fuss, you won’t find any beach bars or day beds on Punta Galera, with people from all corners of the world flocking to the rocks to lay their beach towels on their very own piece of prime real estate. Buying refreshments from the infamous naked hippy, selling drinks from a strategically placed cool box between his legs is the closest you’ll get to service here. At least it’s service with a smile!

Yoga gurus, alternative types and meditation groups also practice on the flat rocky platforms and it’s also extremely popular with nudists. Beneath the cliffs, the sparkling azure Mediterranean Sea glistens, beckoning sunbathers to cool off by diving off the rocks, while surrounding rock pools prove popular with snorkelers.

Sunsets are simply spectacular from the vantage point at Punta Galera, whether you’re up on the rocks or at eye level with the horizon in the sea. It’s easy to feel connected with nature here, with pure untouched beauty as far as the eye can see. A truly unique Ibiza experience and one that shouldn’t be missed.