Music and magic

As iconic Ibiza experiences go, watching the sunset from the famous San Antonio ‘sunset strip’ is one that has been shared by millions of people and continues to grow in popularity by day. Emotional and exciting at once, the strip boasts an array of bars and restaurants from which to witness nature’s nightly show, each with its own unique ambience.

Café del Mar is the one that started it all of course, with its very first sunset session way back in 1980. At the time, it was just a little-known bar on the fairly deserted promenade, bedecked with pretty mosaic tiles, fold-up white chairs and a DJ by the name of Jose Padilla – the man who went on to become known as the godfather of electronic chillout music. Today it includes huge amphitheatre offering premium sunset views, a restaurant and cocktail lounge.

No Ibiza holiday experience is complete without applauding a spectacular sunset from the front row seats at Café Mambo. The iconic institution boasts a long history of great music, famous DJs, world-renowned parties – everything Ibiza legends are made of. Originally a dilapidated house snapped up by founder Javier Anadón in 1994, it plays host to clubbing pre-parties seven nights a week, after resident DJs have ‘put the sun to bed’ with the perfect tunes.

Anadón also owns the laidback neighbouring pizza joint, Mint Lounge, hip burger bar Fresh Ibiza and Savannah at the opposite end of the strip, a relaxed environment providing respite from the hustle and bustle of the pre-party scene. But no matter where you are on the strip, at that magic moment when the sky turns crimson and the burning orange sun dips into the sea, all souls are united. We are one…