How to stop energy leaks and drains

Natasha Collis, Ibiza jewellery designer and shop

Photography by Gypsy Westwood

Do you ever come away from conversations feeling exhausted? Overwhelmed or drained by another person’s negative energy?

At the tail end of August high season, Ibiza energy reserves are at their lowest ebb – from parties, working and in the summer heat, simply moving around. Yes, 10 weeks on a beach in Bali may sound great… but you’ve got to make it through the rest of the summer to get there.

Begin by looking at your relationships. Take some extra special care to avoid situations and people (whether colleagues, guests and friends) who drain your energy and follow this checklist, for different areas of your life, to ask yourself:

  • Am I losing energy here?
  • Am I cleaning up the excess and soaking up lighter, brighter, vibes?
  • How do I feel when I come off the phone?
  • Respond to that email?
  • Leave the meeting?
  • Come away from the party?

Listen to your feelings! These are your inner-compass to help you move in the right directions. The method is simple – move towards what and who feels good and away from what leaves a not-so-good residue.

If you have to interact with those who leave you with this feeling – whether through work or social situations – then keep the interactions short, sweet and to the point. Then step back and let go…

Now we move on to your temple – where the heart is! Your HOME. Even if the cleaning has not been up to scratch due to late nights, early mornings (or all nighters), meeting clients, friends, the no time, gotta dash routine. Cleaning up and clearing out junk plus overspill literally cleans up energy and leaves the mind feeling quieter, more still.

How often have you looked around in your home – or even your car – and thought ‘I gotta do that’? Even each time we think a thought like that it is draining energy away from our focus in-the-now. Your home, work and car environments influence our feel-good-factor and energy day to day.  Our unconscious mind and senses are constantly filtering information that we see, hear and feel subliminally. So even though you may not be focusing on the clutter, it is still registering in your mind and creating a weight on your conscious to do!

Zen equals tranquility so when you do have half an hour, prioritise hanging up clothes, putting unworn and unused items into the recycling, detoxing your space of unwanted junk. This supports relaxation in your home – your personal temple space.

Give your wardrobe a clear out, and then, room by room, go through all the objects, books and magazines and ask yourself – what good does this bring for me? If it’s seven out of 10, off to the recycling! After all – what IS the use of even keeping a piece of clothing around that you do not ten out of ten in?

Need to give your spirits a lift? Find jewellery given to you by friends, loved ones, or family, and wear pieces of clothing you associate with happy times and memories and notice the difference in how you feel… It really does make a difference.

And if you don’t have a special piece of jewellery, or item of clothing? Treat yourself… after all, a splurge is one of the most satisfying experiences we can ever have!