Hypnosis – uncovering the real you

How would it feel to be free from all the things that make you sad, angry, hurt, jealous, fear or worried? Like taking off a backpack and freeing ourselves of extra weight, how good would it feel to climb the mountain of life with all the strength and energy going in to enjoy the journey and appreciate the views?

To facilitate deep changes – whether breaking through addictions (be it tobacco or chocolate) or addictive actions, hypnosis is a helping hand to let it go. You don’t have to deal with self-sabotaging behaviours that we see ourselves acting out time and time again on a daily basis, or with internal battles, like those ‘should-I-shouldn’t-I-oh-damn-it-I-already-did-it-now-I’m-going-to-feel-bad-about-it’ moments.

Fundamentally, anything that does not help you feel good about yourself – including unwanted emotions and behaviours that perhaps once had a purpose or a place in our life but have now gotten out of hand or simply don’t fit with who we are (or want to be) anymore  – is not supposed to be part of you.

You can personally over-analyse and try to become wise about what you see yourself doing – whether it’s constantly finding a third helping on your plate or finishing a bottle of wine before 10pm each night – however hypnosis goes direct to the source and opens the door for it to release. It is a simple and effective process that helps you connect with who you truly are – with no baggage at all.

And all you need to do is lie down and relax….

In a hypnosis session, your practitioner talks and connects directly to the unconscious mind – using language patterns that were first propagated by Milton Ericksson. The practitioner is able to bring to the surface all the positive things about the real you behind the lifetime of conditioning that has created any negative thoughts, feelings and emotions. This inner-you runs your auto-pilot actions and is your ultimate life guide.

The good news is that, in just three hypnosis sessions you can enjoy a huge and lasting change. Like an emotional clear out and booster shot, after several sessions you’ll start to experience everything become heightened and lightened, you’ll become happier, work becomes more pleasurable, life more lucid, bright and positive, giving you an extra natural feel-good factor, confidence, self-belief and sense of calm.

Hypnosis can help anybody and everybody to feel good about themselves from the inside out – for an inner sparkle, enabling an overall and lasting sense of wellbeing.

Sessions last for between 30 and 45 minutes and we highly recommend the wonderful Amanda Evelyn in Santa Gertrudis who has been practicing for 12 years.  Contact Larah@ibizaretreats.com for further information.